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10 Sex Moves to Surprise Your Man



10 Sex Moves to Surprise Your Man

Are you keen on exploring a few sex moves to turn on your man and surprise him like never before? Are you trying to blossom your relationship by comforting your man with some amazing sex moves? Or there is a special occasion coming up, and you want to make him feel special by giving him some long-lasting memories about your love life. If you agree with any of the above statements, then you have come to the right place. Here you will get to know how to entice your man and surprise him with ten sizzling sex moves.

However, there are a few things a woman should know before trying any of the moves on your husband. Subsequently, it is mostly about a male’s psychology, and it has got no relation with your sexual performance. Therefore, it requires a deep understanding of man’s perspective in two aspects. Firstly, you should know if your man considers you as a fun partner.

Or he is obsessed with you over the entire term of your relationship. According to a recent survey, about 80% of women are not aware of sex toys. Subsequently, this unawareness is what creates the maximum number of problems in a relationship. Therefore, it is advisable for all women to understand their partner and then explore all other sexual aspects.

Now, here are the ten most surprising sex move to entice your man and make him crave for you:

  1. The plough

This is apt to move to begin with because this position requires both partners to complement each other. Further, it will require an equal amount of energy from the man and the woman. This position requires both of them to lie down on the edge of the bed. Further, you have to leave only your legs hanging off from the bed. And the rest of your body should be on your bed. Lastly, all you need to do is let your man penetrate you from behind.

  1. The magic touch

All a woman needs to do it wear a sexy thong or nighty and touch herself and entice your man. According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of men turn on while watching a woman masturbate. Therefore, you should continue touching yourself on the sensitive parts of your body. And, let your man’s eyes capture every inch of your skin.

  1. The moaning technique

Showing how keen you are for making love is the biggest turn on for men. Subsequently, the best way to express your enthusiasm for sex is by moaning. Further, you can moan softly by uttering your man’s name and mention how much you like it.

  1. Use porn

Generally, it’s advisable to keep any gadgets inside your bedroom, but that’s not the case with porn. Porn can be an imperative tool to surprise your man. The arousal voices from porn videos can turn your man and make his cock erect. Therefore, all you need to do is dim the lights of your bedroom and make the arousal sounds help you in enticing your man, without putting much effort.

  1. Use sex toys

A woman can achieve the utmost clitoral stimulation by using a sex toys. Further, you can also use a vibrator to explore your G spot. And, once your husband knows it, he will go to any extent to rub his cock against your G spot. Therefore, once he is turned on, you won’t need the vibrator anymore.

  1. Foreplay

Not many women know this, but men also like surprises, especially when it comes to sexual activities. Therefore, make love by using some foreplay tricks to surprise him and lure him towards you.

  1. Roleplay techniques

Roleplay is a technique which gives the utmost satisfaction to both a man and a woman. There are various roleplays which you can prefer trying. For instance, you can try the master-slave roleplay, where the man is in a dominating position. Therefore, all a woman needs to do is be submissive and let him take charge, as he is your true master.

  1. Gifting your man condoms

Most of the women hesitate in being vocal when they feel like making love. Therefore, you can gift your man some condoms, which will be an indication of how badly you want to make love. But all you need to ensure is buying thick condoms. It’s because a thick condom ensures that a man has a durable ejaculation. And, eventually, your man will be able to last longer.

  1. The tongue trick

A woman’s tongue is much effective than any other organ to turn on a man. Therefore, you can seduce your man by rolling out your tongue and licking your lips. Further, once you are with him on the bed, you can also move down to his cock. And, you can lick him around his cock and balls. And, remember that the tip of a man’s cock is really sensitive, so don’t miss out on licking it.

  1. Experiment with various sex techniques

Next time, when you are planning for a sexual intercourse session, make sure you initiate with some sex techniques. For instance, you can opt for spooning or 69 positions or doggy style.

Now, you are ready to surprise you man with all the sexy moves as mentioned above.

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