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12 Tips For Get Scholarships in the US



The costs of education is quite high in the USA. Depending on subject and specialization, the tuition fees for a four college degree can cost up to around $30K per year, while that cost gets doubled or more for ivy league institutions. However, with the help of scholarships, it is possible to 美国留学 without drowning in heavy student loans. Here are some tips to help improve your chances of bagging a scholarship for your education.

  1. Explore the options

There are a number of scholarship options that you can choose from. Keep an eye on your university website for details and criteria of scholarships you are eligible for.

  1. Start applying early

Apply for scholarships as soon as possible. This gives you adequate time to prepare for any criterion, or produce any paperwork if needed. You can also plan out your second options accordingly, if you have time at hand.

  1. Non-university grants

If you do not qualify for university scholarships, there are several lucrative private scholarships and even government grants, which can help fund your education, fully or partially.

  1. GPA is important

It is glaringly obvious, but still important to understand that your GPA is absolutely. While your school tests scores might not hold a lot of weight, the marks of your current degree can be pivotal in determining your scholarship.

  1. SAT/GRE/GMAT Scores

Another factor which plays a determining role in your chances of scholarship is the score of SAT, GRE, GMAT or any other competitive exam that you are required to pass.

  1. TOEFL Scores matter

Most colleges require their students to clear TOEFL or equivalent English language proficiency tests in order to be admitted. The scores of these tests also hold a lot of value when you are applying for a scholarship.

  1. List your publications

If you have done any research work and got published in any peer review journal, academic magazine, e-journal or any other academic portal, make sure you mention those, not only for your college application, but also for scholarship.

  1. Academic achievements

Besides your publications, if you have received any academic awards, recognition, or even mention in any renowned research work, you must mention these on your scholarship application for an added edge. 

  1. Scholarship Essay or Statement of Purpose

Several scholarship committees will ask you to write a scholarship essay or a statement of purpose for your application. This is extremely crucial in determining your chances, so make sure you give your very best in writing it.

  1. Get Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters from your previous institution or any eminent personality in your relevant field of academics can offer you an extra point for scholarship.

  1. Volunteer Service

Universities, as well as scholarship committees prefer students who are not only academically strong, but also kind individuals. Volunteer service and leadership experiences will definitely help improve your chances of getting good scholarships.

  1. Extra-curricular activities

If you are skilled in a sport, art or have any unique talents, that can be an asset to the university, you are highly likely to secure yourself a scholarship for your degree.

With a little work and plan, you can create an excellent scholarship application that ensures higher chances of bagging it successfully!

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