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143 More Great Ancient Drawings Uncovered in Nazca, Peru



143 More Great Ancient Drawings Uncovered in Nazca, Peru

The Facts: The Russian Ministry of Defense published an article on tactical parapsychology in Russian military tactics, which allows one to reach into another’s thoughts and hack computer programs and telepathically communicate.

Reflect: Why is this form of research researched, but mocked and not studied in the mainstream at various levels of governments?

Will telepathy really matter? It’s difficult to argue about, but I’d say it’s not really for discussion. In this way, the area is tainted with a bad reputation in the form of mystical, superstitive and’ pseudoscience’ subjects, frequently defined by people who condemn the subject without really contemplating it. Yes, the evidence for telepathy is quite compelling and in many cases much stronger than most other fields of science.

Dr Jessica Utts is a perfect person to bring this reality around, as I have done many times before. She is President of the University of California Department of Statistics, Irvine. In 1999, she published a paper showing how the statistical significance of parapsychological experiments (telepathy, remote viewing etc) is greater than some tests used for authorizing other medicines. She discussed the following in a recent interview.

“The facts, the accumulated proof that I worked on this field was all that persuaded me, and I had to see more and more evidence. I went to the labs, even beyond where I worked to see what they were doing and I could see that they really had tight controls… and therefore I was convinced of the good science I saw was done. Yes, as a statistician, I have consulted in many fields of science; the methods and the controls for these studies are far stricter than any other scientific field in which I have worked. “(source) Why are the subjects not influenced by the conventional academy but examined at the highest levels of government? This trend has been studied by many governments throughout the world for decades and much has been declassified. For example, take the remote viewing program run by the US government / CIA and Stanford University.

After being declassified in 1995, or at least partially declassified, the Defense Ministry and the parties concerned reported an extraordinarily high rate of success.

To sum up, over the years, critics of protocols, process development and positive validation of this form of remote viewing have provided substantial scientific proof of the facts of the phenomenon[reload viewing]. (source) The latest example comes from Russia, when their Defense Ministry recently published an article on parapsychological life and research within the Russian army. The article explains how these methods are used to infiltrate the enemy’s minds and to hack the enemy’s computer systems. The article is titled’ Future Wars Super Soldier’ and was written in the Defense Army magazine.

This article was written by Colonel Nikolai Poroskov who has clarified that they are using parapsychological methods, for example telepathical therapy for combat purposes, revealing secrets, revealing places etc.

As a reminder to the readers we do not support the use of animals in research here at Collective Evolution. There is no details about the circumstances of these tests, but we believe that they were conducted for a very sad and heart-breaking military purpose.

Poroskov writes: “We gave the animals their mental orders. Close to the famous Durov coach. The strategy, as it turned out, applies to people. Moreover, the impact on the technique was even possible. For example, you can shoot down computer programs, burn generator crystals, wake up to a conversation, or interrupt the TV and radio broadcasts and communication. Good luck ended with tests such as reading a secure text even though we don’t speak it in a foreign language; recognizing people who belong to the terrorist network; identifying possible terrorist organizations candidates, “the statement says. (source) Just impressive, isn’t it? Parapsychology seems the biggest known threat to privacy of any kind, doesn’t it? I found it quite interesting to discuss hacking computers. Could telepathy be used for such things as electronic equipment hacking? I have digged a little more and found a fascinating file in the online CIA reading room for the Soviet Union.

A quotation from the text is as follows: Soviet Union is well aware of the advantages and applications of parapsychology science. In 1963 a Kremilin edit apparently prioritized biological research, including parapsychology in Russia. The big impetus behind the Soviet effort to exploit potential telepathical, telekinetic and bionic communications is said to come from the Soviet army and the KGB. Today, it is claimed that the USSR has 20 or more centers for parapsychological research with an estimated annual budget of over 13 million dollars in 1967 and up to 21 million dollars.

We now realize that trillions of dollars have been spent in US black budgeting projects, many of them concerned, as in the past, with parapsychology.

There are rumors that the Soviets train their cosmonauts in telepathy to back up their electronic equipment in open spaces. One of these backup systems is known to contain telepathic coded messages. This was shown in March 1967, when a coded telepathic signal from Moscow to Leningrad was shown. Astronauts or cosmonauts are not inherently unparalleled in telepathy studies. During the Apollo 14 Moon flight in February 1971, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell attempted 150 separate projects to re-think a person from inside the space capsule on earth. The findings of the Apollo 14 tests were well reported and published in the Parapsychology Journal. (Source) Source

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