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16 months of hidden camera filming at the “human” dairy farms



16 months of hidden camera filming at the "human" dairy farms

The Facts: Moloch is an Old Testament Canaanite god, associated with human sacrifice, especially the sacrifice of human children, now on view in a secular historical exhibition, at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome.

Reflect On: With all the money Jeffrey Epstein receives, shouldn’t there be more recognition and exposure to child trafficking at elite level?

Moloch is the Canaanite god in the Old Testament, specifically the sacrifice of human children. Some scholars even believe that Moloch of Molek is an invention or an attempt to conceal the possible fact that Judahite (Jehovah) adoration of YHWH was also a child sacrificer in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C.E.

This “king” is now on view at a secular historical museum at the entrance of the Colosseum in Rome. This show is part of a larger display devoted to the ancient enemy of Ancient Rome, Carthage City and organized by Parco Archeologico del Colosseo. The exhibition is scheduled for 29 March 2020.

“A reconstruction of the terrible divinity Moloch, linked to the Phoenician and Carthaginian cult and shown in 1914 in Cabiria (directed by Giovanni Pastore and written by Gabriele D’Annunzio) is to welcome the exhibition visitors at the entrance to the Colosseum,” the press release said.

Multiple media outlets covering these subjects, such as Life Site News, say that Catholics are angry that this pagan god is portrayed outside a region where Christians are violently tortured and killed.

“The day we decided to go to the Colosseum was so excited,” Alexandra Clark said via e-mail to LifeSiteNews. She and her sister Tiffany are excited to visit the Christian martyrdom site.

“But it was terrible when we got there the sight that greeted us! The colossal pagan statue of Moloch was standing guard over the entrance. It was put in this prime place so that all who entered the Colosseum could pass this, “she added.

“It was as if they brought Moloch into the sacred place where they poured their blood for the True Faith by the holy martyrs!”In Carthage, it was customary to offer children alive as sacrifices to a god, also known as Baal and Cronus, or Saturn, the Roman god who apparently ate his own children.

A study in the American Psychoanalytical Association journal explains that the purpose of the sacrificial offering is to protect the sacrificial against the deity’s hostility. The hostility of the sacrificer is transformed into the fear of God’s persecution through projection. Older types of sacrifice were only intended to offer a replacement victim who was to attract the wrath of God— usually a child, such as the Ammonite God Moloch’s biblical sacrifices. Aggression is the foundation of the sacrifice of this order and was often associated with worship of the dead.

Why are there documents from Wikileaks that even suggest that Moloch is sent from and to Hillary Clinton?

Why is this important?

All this is very significant, particularly because suspicious behavior is discovered quickly within the mainstream. The case of Jeffrey Epstein is a prime example, involving many elite people in pedophile and child traffic, such as Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton, among many others. This does not mean that everyone associated with Epstein participated in such activities, but a discussion can be held with figures such as Andrew and Clinton about the evidence they involve in such acts. The fact that people like this are not challenged demonstrates how associated they are with power and beyond the law.

Another great example is the NXIVM event, in which several participants have been involved in some shady activity. Clare Bronfman, a billionaire, was charged with racketeering charges. These charges relate to her role as NXIVM’s “Operations Director.” Clare Bronfman is the wife of the Canadian / American entrepreneur and philanthropist Charles Bronfman. A very strong person.

Just like the case of Epstein, Clinton is also mentioned in relation to NXIVM.

The Rolling Stone said: “There are also strange political connections. In the trial of NXIVM CEO Keith Raniere, Mark Vicente, a documentary filmmaker and former high class members of the group testified that Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s billionaire, and the alleged organization benefactor, approached him and a few other members of the group to help her contribute to a Clinton campaign.

A European Psychiatric paper titled “Creming of ritual care: burning effigies or execution of human sacrifice? Dr. Rainer Kurz, Chartered Professional Psychologist (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in The University of Manchester describes the importance of separating complex trauma from psychosis in severe violence settings In the aftermath of corporate neglect and’ unbelievable’ child abuse by celebrity organisations such as Jimmy Saville and Ian Watkins, a’ modern truth ‘ sets in that child abuse is widespread and knows no boundaries. Reports of elaborate rituals with “mock” sacrifices at the annual highly secret summer festival “Bohemian Grove,” show a general interest in the occult in high society. Professionals of mental health have a’ service duty’ to their users. Unless there is strong and irrefutable evidence, it is unacceptable to say that discovery of extreme abuse and/or rituals of sacrificing is’ delicate’ and suggestive of psychosis.

The title of the above study is also interesting to note since the cremation of the treatment ceremony is listed. This is a ceremony in Bohemian Grove, where a number of members of the establishment gather and hold the so-called mockery ceremony. Many have indicated that at these events, certain human sacrifices and rituals, like those described above, take place. You can read more here. This is an interesting document that gives an insight into what Bohemian grove meetings mean, but also an interesting list of the kinds of people involved.

The Royal Family and Downing Street host Sir Jimmy Savile assaulted 450 people, mostly boys and girls as young as 8 for 50 years. Although Savile was long considered strange, the scale of his crimes shocked the country. Special access to hospitals was even allowed to him, and the authorities laughed or ignored the victims before he died of a national hero. He’s been very loyal to the Royal Family.

Something like this has floated out there for decades. For example, in the late 1980s a former police officer said that a member of the Royal family was alleged to have belonged to a supposed pedophile ring under investigation by the police. The former Metropolitan Police Officer said that detective sergeant told him that for reasons of national security, the inquiry into the group, which is also say to include an MP, was shut down. “I was in a taxi, with two other vice officers… Detective Sergeant told the newspaper Sunday Mirror that he had just prevented a major child abuse inquiry by the CPS involving royal and MP. “He didn’t mention names, but said the CPS did not say it was in the public interest as it could’ disassail national security’.” When it comes to the pedophile rings and their material, he mentions numerous papers and discusses multiple cases: Epstein, Schwartz and Schwartz (2011) mentioned’ Forced Impregnation.’ They also described UK abuse organizations forced into the case ‘ child-on-child’ sex abuse. Sc0tt (2001) identified the casual facility with which torture and killing is carried out. 36 survivors completed their study, 34 reported abuse by their immediate family members and 21 alleged abuse by either one or both parents. 34 childhood ritual abusses involved killing and 16 included forced birth / abortion. In their serious violence study, Bekker, Karriker, Overkamp and Rutz (2008) found that 40 percent of 1041 adult survivors and 33 percent of 82 child survivors “forced impregnation,” and reported 70 percent of 221 practitioners witnessing it to them. The perpetrators reported killing of a’ breeder baby’ by 26%, 18% and 55% respectively. The murder of perpetrators was reported to have been 56%, 43% and 77% respectively.

Research ultimately led to the Franklin scandal in 19819 when hundreds of children claimed to have been flown around the United States for violence by high-ranking members of the government. Former senator John W DeCamp, who was considered one of Nebraska’s most successful politicians, is now a prosecutor for two of the offenders. A fifteen year-old girl reported being raped as early as the age of 9 and subjected her since the age of 9 and exposed to the “ritual murder” of a newborn girl, a small boy and three others.

The key phrase above is’ as hundreds of children have claimed to have been shipped across the US to be raped. Evidence shows that for instance Jeffrey Epstein has been interested in high-ranking people such as politicians, businessmen, entertainers, etc. He could have worked with various agencies of intelligence to catch these important people by recording them for analysis

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