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5 Key Areas for the Health and Wellness Influencers to Focus on in 2020



5 Key Areas for the Health and Wellness Influencers to Focus on in 2020

As the veracity of the Internet as an all-encompassing data repository grows, the inclination of individuals to rely on online platforms also gets a significant boost. However, with the pandemic being the focal point in 2020, a majority of online queries are relevant to the health, nutrition, and wellness domains. Not just that, people aren’t blindly following the information that is available for viewing but emphasizing more on credible influencers to guide them through the clutter.

Individuals, who talk about health or promote wellness and nutrition, are at the front-line when educating, informing, and helping online respondents during the pandemic is concerned. That said, unlike the previous years, health influencers, bloggers, and content creators will find it difficult to relate to the more-desperate and skeptical audience base.

However, there are 5 key areas which every health influencer should take into account, especially in 2020 and even beyond:

  • Importance of Mental Health

Before addressing the physical health, an influencer or content creator must focus on mental wellness. Without a doubt, 2020 has pushed most of us into prolonged seclusion from the outside world. As the lack of interactions continues piling up, depression, suicidal tendencies, and mental ailments are slowly getting recognized as pertinent threats.

Global influencers must encourage followers to adopt futuristic innovations like wearables, chatbots, virtual health-care, and other relevant approaches as the combative resources against anxiety, burnout, and loneliness.

  • Role of Dietary Choices

Diet will take a center-stage in 2020 and with the unrelenting nature of the covid19 virus to account for; immunity building will be the most prior consideration. Recent studies have shown that almost 88 percent of surveyed individuals are already willing to amplify their dietary expenses, to accommodate healthier essentials. This is where influencers would come in as they have the power and credibility to push their followers in the right direction when it comes to food choices.

In 2020, the focus should be on promoting food and supplements that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and other immunity-boosting micronutrients.

  • The Growth of Health-Tech

Technology is making inroads in every industry vertical and the health sector is no exception. With the global populace realizing the importance of automation, health-tech is going to be the future of wellness, starting in 2020. Influencers, therefore, must look to extrapolate their skill sets by learning more about the concepts of IoT, AI-assisted healthcare, and the technologies and practical applications of the same.

  • A More Holistic Approach to Wellness

Lately, ministry leaders and even non-profit organizations have started valuing diverse health modalities with wellness being the frontrunner. While strenuous physical exercises were valued previously, the recent trends are projecting the importance of relevant home workouts. The likes of Pilates, Yoga, and meditation offer a more holistic standpoint towards health and wellness.

Therefore, health influencers must look to indulge in these activities, depending on their skills and levels of expertise. This way, it also becomes possible to give back to society, which in turn will reinvigorate their presence in the online domain.

  • The Newness of Energy Medicine

Healing is what matters the most in 2020. Therefore, the approach for every ailing individual would be to consider the body as a big chunk of emanating energy. The concept of healing in the future would take the concept of an ‘Energy Body’ further by using sound, light, and circadian inclusions as the associated medicines.

The best way for the health and wellness influencers to grow is to approach physical and mental well-being as codependent entities. With the health sector slowly recovering from the wrath of the global pandemic, credible advice and insights, available over diverse social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can make a world of difference.

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