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History About ArcticNow:

ArcticNow was founded in 2015 as Arcticnow.com, an initiative of the ArcticNow Center. At the time, the site was merely linked to other content makers and served as the focal point for major political and media events. The website was established to offer readers an alternative to the blatant politics of the establishment’s media sources. Over time, the audience grew, and writers and opinion leaders began to publish the original work in its entirety.

In 2015, the marketing team established the ArcticNow Facebook page and began publishing political news and site evaluations on the growing social network. However, Arctic Now only hired its first full-time author and published unique content in 2017. During this time, the web grew rapidly, gaining hundreds of thousands of viewers per day by the end of 2017.

ArcticNow began its strategic pivot in early 2018, leaning largely on its Facebook following and experimenting with intriguing themes.


The principles outlined below serve as the foundation for all ethical and editorial standards.


We should all be genuine to our subject matter. There is no higher significance than that.

This does not preclude the use of opinion, which is necessary for political and cultural assessments. However, truth must support all shared ideas.


Because of circumstances beyond its control, our content should never be used to disparage an individual or individuals. Those we report should always be respected and considered as humans deserving of respect since they have become in God’s image.


All ArcticNow content should be great in terms of moral growth and promotion.


We must expose the truth about powerful interests that our coverage may offend.

ArcticNow encourages its employees to speak up within the scope of our broader values when they disagree with a corporate decision or editorial stance that they believe is inconsistent with or undermines the organization’s goal.

Creativity Development

All individuals in our news organisation with distinct personalities, histories, and stories will contribute to the overall quality of the company. We enable everyone in our firm to chat, do not dismiss recommendations, and encourage open dialogue.

In terms of creativity, we are not hesitant to try new things. When we see a solution that others do not, we generate fresh ideas. We test, analyse, and repeat our results. In our firm, we encourage employees to take big risks and fail. This is the greatest method for us to learn and grow as a journalistic organisation.

Property / Sources of funding

The parent firm of ArcticNow and Stack Giant Tech is entirely owned by Rajesh family members, with no outside investors, grants, or support. ArcticNow is funded by advertising in order to offer our readers with a free news platform.

Feedback Policy

We agree that public involvement is not a one-way street – simply posting your comments or letters is not enough. We pledge to engaging with you based on your recommendations, complaints, and other feedback. You might help us create a specific piece or coverage by answering questions, identifying related or neglected issues, and teaching us about new and diverse sources, experts, and views.

As a result, we are devoted to making news more accessible as well as providing daily points of contact and engagement. We agree that the news media has a responsibility and a lot to gain from engaging with the public about current issues, concerns, and views.

You can reach us through the following ways:


Mailing address: ArcticNow

Vasanth Nagar Colony

Hyderabad, Telangana, 500080


Contact Email: arcticnow94@gmail.com.

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