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Clinton: ‘ Authoritarian ‘ Zuckerberg’s Facebook ‘ Intends to Re-Elect Trump ‘



Clinton: ' Authoritarian ' Zuckerberg's Facebook ' Intends to Re-Elect Trump '

The former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told an interviewer for The Atlantic that she suspects Facebook is deliberately seeking the re-election of President Donald Trump.

Clinton is shown here Saturday, at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, at the screening of a documentary on her career. In a new interview, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Jack Davis, released January 26, 2020 at 4.08 p.m., demanded that Facebook Mark Zuckerberg does all he can to reelect President Donald Trump.

In a new interview released in The Atlantic, Facebook “will not only re-elect Trump, but plan to re-elect Trump.”

Zuckerberg was “somehow persuaded that it is to his advantage and Facebook not to defy Trump. That is what I believe. This is what I think. And it just makes me a hole in my chest, “said Trump.

@HillaryClinton told me today that Mark Zuckerberg views Facebook as “Trumpian” and “authoritarian,” whose Facebook rationale is like “Negotiating with a Foreign Power”— Adrienne LaFrance (@AdrienneLaF) January 25, 2020 TRENDING: Poop-Covered Roads Cost San Francisco $192 Mil As Tech Giant Leaves Evening According to Hillary, it is “authoritarian” for men to make up their own minds. Read this very brief article and think about it. https:/ — BeoRich, 26 Jan. 2020 Ditto. Hillary has criticized Twitter for distracting us from the shortcomings in her 2016 run, which presume her latest remarks.

On January 26, 2020 Kurt Akemann (@Dark Falcon7) also described Zuckerberg as a strong world leader.

“I feel like sometimes you bargain with a foreign power,” she said, reflective of what Clinton said was “high level” interactions with Twitter.

“He’s enormously powerful,” said Clinton. RELATED: Trump Fires Back at Hilary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders Comments:’ Nobody Likes Her’ Do you agree with Hillary Clinton’s Facebook comments?’ It’s an international company which has an enormous influence in areas which we just start to understand?’

Clinton said she felt Facebook had a hidden intent to cover.

“We have, in my view, distracted themselves from talking for their freedom of speech and censorship because it is in their commercial interests,” said Clinton.

Clinton said that she was appalled by a meditated video in which Chamber President Nancy Pelosi seemed to blur her expression.

“Google has taken it off YouTube… so I have contacted Facebook,” said Trump. “Why do you guys keep this up, I said? That’s flagrantly wrong. It has been taken down by the rivals.

“Their answer was:’ We think our users can make their own minds.'” In all of our journalism we are committed to truth and precision. Write our writing guidelines.


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