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CNN Legal Expert Admits Impeachment Hearing ‘ The President Is Winning ‘



CNN Legal Expert Admits Impeachment Hearing ' The President Is Winning '

You know that the Republicans are trapped in their impeachment scam because CNN claims they fail.

After three days of prosecution, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and one of the greatest detractors for President Donald Trump, shared his opinion, and Trump’s defense did the same one day.

“Again, I believe the Republicans win here. Here the dictator scores. And as long as they don’t collapse entirely on their feet, which are all attorneys, they won’t do that, I guess it’s ok for them, “Toobin said Saturday.

CNN Tobin after White House Defense:’ the president is leading here’https:/ / TJl7uYM7XE— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) 25 January 2020 TRENDING: Poop-Covered Roads Cost San Francisco $192 thousand After Tech Giant Moves Incident In particular Trump’s defense has made the point of claiming that President Trump’s argument that European countries are not shari countries

As reported by Yahoo News, the transcript of Trump’s 25 July telephone call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenski from the White House revealed that in this connection Trump specifically cited Germany during the conversation.

“They made a good point about[ a transcript], I thought it was that the chairman did not focus or even talk about burden-sharing in the phone call. And justice is equal, “said Toobin.

Trump] has spoken before, so I felt this was a very legitimate good defensive point,” he said.

Is Trump winning the prosecution?

“This is what good lawyers are doing, you prove that your case is favorable,” Toobin said. “Of course, the dispositive facts was another issue so good for them.” The President’s lawyers hammered the fact that House managers did not speak to Zelensky about the recording of the call.

The call contributed to the lawsuit from the informants, but the White House published a partial copy of the call, revealing that he committed no crimes.

“They haven’t spoken much about the call’s transcript,” said White House Counsel Pat Cipollone on Saturday to the senators. “The best proof of what happened on the call is what I’d like to show.” Toobin argued that the defense team of the President made it more likely to have Republicans who are on the fence to vote against the Senate asking for testimony.

He said, “Today there was definitely evidence to allow Republicans to vote against witnesses and to vote for acquittal. Also Preet Bharara, former US attorney for the Southern District of New York fired by Trump, told the president that his attorneys took less time than they had been given to make their case wisely.

“Shut up, if you win,” Toobin said. If two CN commentators, who have not shown much respect for the Chairperson, tell you that the President’s team is ahead of you, the ball game is almost over.

In the fall, the Democrats had a hard struggle and Reps. Adam Schiff, chair of the Intelligence Committee of the House, and Jerry Nadler, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, had no favours.

The staff of the president now has two more days to make his case— though CNN commentators agree that they look good for Team Trump.

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