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Danny Moder Divorced After ‘ Explosive ‘ Duel at Her Birthday, Julia Roberts?



Danny Moder Divorced After ' Explosive ' Duel at Her Birthday, Julia Roberts?

On her 52nd birthday, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder didn’t get into an explosive fight, nor are they divorcing. These are the false claims in this week’s tabloid. The story has been reviewed by Gossip Cop and we can bust it.

National Enquirer this week has an article claiming that Roberts and her husband were “at the verge” of a “200 $divorce” after a dispute on the birthday of the Pretty Woman actress last month. The actress was angry, according to the fake report, that her husband “did not do enough to mark her 52nd.” The play quoted the so-called source saying: “Danny fell down the ball completely to Julia. It wasn’t the case that Moder did not, according to the outlet’s supposed insider, “accusing Danny of not taking care of her,” and all this led to Roverts kicking Moder out of the house and pushed the actress “toward $200 million of divorce,” the outlet says. The questionable tipster says, “They tried pair therapy, you call it –nothing worked! They are ready to throw the towel at last. “Gossip Cop had to wonder whether this questionable source is the same NW used last week when the report was almost similar, even alleging that Roberts and Moder got a $200 million divorce on Robert’s birthday, after a” comprehensive screaming match.

The tabloids should stop trusting them if it is the same source, because the story is simply not true. As Gossip Cop pointed out in his debunking of the story last week, Roberts and Moder were married for seventeen years and the actress had nothing but glad and loving words about her husband, marriage and family. The fact is that the investigator often publishes false accounts about the fighting couple and these stories have not been proven factual. The paper threatens the pair relentlessly and builds skewed stories with no real basis.

In January, Roberts and Moder are reportedly heading to a 245 million dollars divorce because he was left by Roberts for George Clooney. This new article does not mention how the couple lost 45 million dollars in the last 11 months. Clooney is happily married to himself in the meantime.

In 2017, the tabloid reported Roberts had quit Moder for Richard Gere, resulting in a “Showdown of $225 million,” an additional instance of the Tabloid estimating the couple’s net value through random means, in addition to its nonsense. The magazine reports that in 2017, they had 225 million dollars in the bank, then 245 million dollars in January but today they are down to 200 million dollars. The outlet has no insight into the marriage or bank account of Roberts.

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