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Galleries and Museums To Visit In Oakland




Oakland is a cultural epicenter that California can’t help but be proud of.  This city of nearly 500,000 people has a deep history of art and invention.  Fortunately for Californians, there are dozens of museums and galleries to view the city’s intrigue and wonder.  The only tricky thing is how hard it is to pick which ones to visit! 

If you only have a week in Oakland, here are the seven galleries and museums to visit- time enough for one a day!

Chabot Space and Science Center

This museum is a mix of the past of science and the future for which we’re hoping.  Boasting a planetarium, multiple telescopes, and endless space memorabilia, this museum is one of a kind.  Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, this center is excited to push us into the future.

Joyce Gordon Gallery

This gallery advertises itself as one that celebrates the diversity of the people and culture in the bay area.  Full of beautiful modern art, the Joyce Gordon Gallery is breathtaking no matter whose art is on display.  Privately curated, this gallery often hosts parties and meetings to let people mingle with the artists.

Oakland Museum of California

It’s incredible how much culture is packed into this museum.  A children’s museum, a science museum, an art museum- the list goes on.  This museum even has an extensive online resource for visitors all over the world who want to learn.  The main goal of this museum is to spark the joy of learning in younger Californians, and it does that with skill.

The Compound Gallery

This lively studio and gallery is a go-to place for artists in the bay area.  Offering live art shows, and an incredible sense of community, it won’t surprise anyone if you wanted to find Oakland houses for sale to be near it.  

Oakland Aviation Museum

Formerly the Western Aerospace Museum, this celebration of aviation has been in motion since 1981.  Working to educate visitors of the historic North Field located at Oakland International Airport, it takes aviation seriously and hopes you will.

Vessel Gallery

This fantastic art and sculpture gallery was reformed from a horse stall, making the building itself into art.  The owners carefully select the pieces that are exhibited, working to maintain a high brow art feeling, while also inviting in new artists to show.  If you want a taste of beautiful modern art, this is the gallery to visit.

Pacific Pinball Museum

Highly interactive and exciting, this pinball museum houses over 90 pinball machines that chronicle this fun gaming system’s history.  The museum doubles as an art gallery because it boasts beautiful murals and jukeboxes that will fill you with whimsy.

California is known to be a cultural breeding ground in America.  In that beautiful land of art, creativity, and endless stars- Oakland is a diamond in the rough.  It may have a reputation for being rougher, but that roughness breeds art and deep thought.  Don’t shy away from Oakland; it has the biggest heart in America.

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