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Habsburg Descendant Princess Maria Galitzine, Dead at Age 31 Dead



Habsburg Descendant Princess Maria Galitzine, Dead at Age 31 Dead

We say Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Charles or Prince William and Kate and Harry and Meghan often when we think about ‘the Royal Family.’

But the only royal family is not them. Others exist – even if they are not as well known or widely known.

Austrian Princess Maria Petrovna Galitzine of thirty-one years of age and introduced to her wife’s name Maria Singh lived in Houston , Texas, but just before her 32nd birthday died of a heart aneurysm.

The Emperor Karl I of Austria and Princess Zita of Bourbon Parma of the Habsburg dynasty descends Singh from the former Emperor and Empress of Austria.

On May 15, the Houston Chronicle released its note, confirming its discharge after more than a week.

“Our Marie died of a sudden heart aneurysm in the morning of Houston Monday, May 4 , 2020.” “Born in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 1988 to Prince and Princess Piotr Galitzine.

“In 1993, when she was five years old, she moved back to Russia with her family to attend the German School in Moscow. After graduation, she went to the CAD school in Belgium.

“She then lived and worked, specializing in furniture architecture and furnishing, in Brussels, Chicago and Houston.”

In 2017 she married chef Rishi Roop Singh from Batanga restaurant in Houston and had a son named Maxim together, now 2 years old. He was “the apple of her eye,” according to the obituary.

“On Friday, May 8, 2020, she laid her body in the Orthodox portion of the Westheimer Cemetery Forest Park.”

The Galitzines have been in Luxemburg and Russia for a long time, but are now in Houston , Texas.

Princess Tatjana of Maria ‘s sister told Paper City that, even when their families were not always greeted, they “was raised with a sense of dutscheness and love for Austria and Russia.”

“At home, my dad’s speaking to us Russian, girls speaking each other French, and boys speaking German,” she said.

“People are growing up in Houston and America with the concept of common welfare. In Moscow, because of Communism no philanthropy is taught or promoted.

Her sisters Xenia, Tatiana Galitzin, Sierra and Alexandra, Dmitry, Ioann and her parents Princess Maria-Anna and Prince Piotr Galitzine have survived in Singh too. Singh has survived.

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McMichael Attorney: Ahmaud Arbery Shooting New Video Supports Client Narrative



McMichael Attorney: Ahmaud Arbery Shooting New Video Supports Client Narrative

A video about the incident has been released to the reporters by the lawyers’ team defending GregoryMcMichael, a former Georgian police officer charged with the shooting and assassination of Ahmaud Arbery inFebruary.

WTLV reported that McMichaels’ lawyers spoke to the media about the case and said that videos that were not published in public show more than the case.

Laura Hogue said, “It’s more than one accident video.”

“The period of videos on the internet often has difficulties …

Can’t be the one that helps this situation.

The two accused men ‘s lawyers also argue the crime was not motivated by sex.

“The fact that this is not yet another case of racial bigotry should show,” said Procurator Franklin Hogue.

“Not killed by Greg McMichael.”

“The whole story won’t come to light until all the evidence has been studied, and if the current DA considers that the crimes committed are to be prosecuted, we shall answer the charges before a court of law,” he continued.

Laura Hogue added: “We won’t attempt the case in our newspapers, in the courtroom or at our office. “In the trial, the truth must surface.”

Whatever the video to which the lawyers refer is unclear or whether at some point it will be made public.

A tussle over a firegun with McMichael, 64, Arbery, 25 years old, was killed on Feb. 23.

So far, the story is also politically influenced, with Arbery, who was black as McMichael and his 34 year-old son Travis McMichael walking down a suburban street in Brunswick, Georgia.

A day before the arrest of father and son on May 7, video of the incident was released on-line showing the instant Arbery’s being shot and killed.

There was another video later on showing Arbery infringing on the building in the neighborhood.

It was the recorded crime that led to the McMichaels’ pursuit and ultimately Arbery’s shooting death in the house.

WSAV-TV got Arbery video which allegedly transgressed.

Mother Arbery said she was a good jogger to her son, so she thought he exercised in the neighborhood.

The McMichaels told the police they persecuted Arbery because they thought he matched the appearance of an accused who caught the owner’s surveillance video and tried to arrest a citizen.

On February 11, Travis McMichael was called to witness a black male assault at the residence by Travis McMichael.

“When I turned and saw him there, he reached into his pocket and ran into the room,” McMichael said to a dealer. “I don’t know whether or not he’s safe. Yet it seemed like, it felt as it was.

Two weeks later, the tragic accident occurred.

Both Gregory and Travis McMichael are accused of felony assassination and exacerbated attack.

Gregory McMichael is a retired police officer who worked for the state district attorney’s office in Glynn, Georgia, and later as a 20-year detective.

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Seizures on the Rise As Prisoners Releases Orange County Issues



Seizures on the Rise As Prisoners Releases Orange County Issues

California’s Orange County replied their prayers for people who are fearful of a infectious epidemic affecting the planet in the expectation of strict governmental action.

Unfortunately, the mandate that many people have to wear a mask in the county was also a stroke of luck for criminals, some of whom have recently been released in an attempt to dilute crowded prison.

According to The Orange County Register, the Orange County Council of Supervisers initially voted to create the mandate late last month which came into effect on April 24.

The rule calls for many retailers who have close public contact to wear facial cover.

KCBS-TV reported that the order required a mask for cashier, gas station servant, waiters and other people.

Although the order applies to staff in the County of Orange, other municipalities in the State have taken much tougher measures against all residents and visitors.

Of course, the anonymizing accessories in the area are now a common sight.

This may be the reason why a Santa Ana Tankers were not disturbed by a man strolled in his convenience store at about 2 am in a face mask and high-visibility vest. On the eighth of May.

The potential customers could have returned from a work site or from a factory, accompanied by another man in a security yellow vest without the mask.

Are mask warrants helping suspects escape penalty?

The two men’s personal life assumptions were broken immediately when the maskless guy pulled a pistol and held it out to the cashier.

The other lady cleaned the cash register of the store quickly.

“It’s bad,” Elias Khawan, shop owner, told KCBS.

“I mean, I know that because of everything that happens with COVID-19 we need to take certain measures, but it’s a perfect script or manual for a robber — the mask, the sunshade and the capots. You don’t know who will come, who will step in.

Khawan is more than simply what criminals are likely to steal from his cashbox because of the possibility of armed theft.

The owner recently cut his convenience store hours in order to help protect his employees and properties.

Today, Khawan would lock his doors two hours before midnight instead of selling exhausted snacks and other important things for travelers all night long.

The change may keep your nerves safe, but it is expensive — its bottom has shrinked by 25 percent for lean hours.

Khawan is still not alone in confronting government action’s possible consequences. The nearby doughnut shop was robbed by a masked criminal last month. While he cleared two cash registers, his face was almost anonymous.

According to the KCBS, police from Santa Ana reported Thursday that during the lockout, city crime reportedly rose by 50%.

While it is unknown exactly what causes underlie the startling crime spike, authorities have speculated that a factor could assist with mass releases of inmates (almost 1,000 in Orange County were released from jail in March for fear of viral outbreak).

Even now, the common use of masks appears to make it an convenient way for criminals to stop being identified and pursue their illicit careers.

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Join students to combat the Chinese control of universities in the Americas



Join students to combat the Chinese control of universities in the Americas

A bi-participated effort to rid Chinese government institutions of American universities calls for higher learning institutions to establish relationships with Confucius Institutes.

Confucius Institutes are funded by the government of China and are prevalent in country-wide campuses.

In the sense of “Oklahoma teachers in their attempts to teach Chinese and to help Oklahoma companies that want to do business in Chinese speaking country,” Confucius Institute at Oklahoma University , for example is named to help Oklahoma teachers.

But the programs are controversial , especially in view of the current state of health of the country, and China ‘s influence on American education through propaganda and disinformation has been exploited.

While democracy politicians have kowtowed largely nationally to China, while the world is grappling with a pandemic triggered by China’s abolition of coronavirus knowledge, students are prepared and bipartite in their efforts to remove Chinese influence from education.

In the recent creation and definition of the Athenai institute, the schools are called upon to break up any association with communist China, a not-for-profits designed to restrict Chinese Communist Party control on college campuses in the USA.

Athenai demanded the closing of the Confucius Institute and ‘complete public transparency for all ties, both financial and academic, between higher learning centers and all Chinese public bodies as well as agents’ in a letter signed by the Presidents of the Republican College and College Democrats.’

“The flagrant efforts by the Chinese government to force and control discourse at US and international universities represent an existential danger to the freedom of science as we know it. The protection of this freedom is a civic and moral imperative, “the letter read.

“Athenai began with a view to free dialogue about human rights abusses on campuses by student governments and university administrations, including Yang Jianli, Teng Biao, and Nury Turkel, through prompting Confucius Institute close-out, revealed the ties to oppressive regimes and developing structures and policies aimed at preventing the Chinese dictatorship and the others that make up the country.

Do you agree with the letter from the Athenai Institute?

According to a national review, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri called Confucius Institutes “a well-known threat to academic freedom,” and “a danger to national defense and security,” in 2019.

The influence of communist Chinese on campuses in the University of Missouri and the Webster University in Missouri concerned Hawley particularly.

But China has far-reaching potential for impacting U.S. education.

There are presently 86 Confucius Institutes on campuses in the USA, estimated by the National Association of Scholars.

“The Confucius institutes in university and university campuses worldwide have been sponsored by the Chinese government since 2004. A Chinese Education Ministry organization named the Hanban offers students, textbooks and operational services, “an article read on the NAS website.

Any of the institutes have been suspended since the coronavirus pandemic started, but the Athenai Institute, led by graduates, wishes to expel them entirely from all campuses.

Rachelle Peterson reported on the shameful motives of China’s involvement at American schools in the National Review.

“The bigger risk is subtle. Confucius Institutes teaches the accepted interpretation of Chinese culture by the Chinese government which is whitewashed by Muslim Uigurs, of which 1 million are reportedly held in Xinyang concentration camps. Teachers in Confucius Institute are coached to omit the massacres in Tiananmen Square and represent Taiwan in China, “Peterson wrote. Chinese nationals hired and paid by the Chinese Government.

In its paper, the Institute of Athenai expressed deep concern at the use of the “threat of financial coercion against universities” by the Confucius Institute’s parrots of China.

China was called in particular for its abusses to civil rights and its free expression censorship.

While Democrats like Joe Biden are either blind or soft in the problem of Chinese interests, they seem to understand that China is not an ally to freedom in the world.

In comparison to the old Democrat party, new Democratic leadership is willing to pledge to secure American students’ access to education that is free of Chinese interference, and it must be remembered.

It shows in reality that the next wave of Democrats should be prepared to defend their democratic rights and recognize that China is a danger to independence and the greatest geopolitical foe in the world at present.

The Athenai Institute summarized in its article, “The world is watching, and the destinies of western democracy — founded on the individual dignity — depend on our progress.

According to National Analysis, the involvement of Chinese Confucius Institutes was revealed in the Republicans on the House Supervisory Committee by earlier this month.

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Bill Pelosi Coronavirus Could Allow Felons and Illegal Aliens to be released



Bill Pelosi Coronavirus Could Allow Felons and Illegal Aliens to be released

The most recent Coronavirus Aid package of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi incorporates a plethora of ridiculous mandates, which would allow “non-violant” criminals to get out of jail and the federal release of illegal immigrants.

The $3 trillion plan, including defending illegal aliens, was proposed Tuesday by the House Democrats as their jobs were deemed to be “necessary.”

To re-offend convicted criminals and to give amnesty to millions of undocumented aliens is just part of the highest political wish list of democrats.

Given that convicted inmates often sue for reduced punishment in exchange for a short jail term, the release of federal prisoners en masse makes little sense.

Similar to the United States In the annual report for 2018 of the Sentencing Commission, over 97% of federal convicts have entered into drug agreements rather than being prosecuted more harshly, as stated by Breitbart.

So it might sound like a smart idea in principle by releasing thousands of “non-violent” prisoners – at least if you are a democratic one – this may allow dangerous offenders to get on the streets.

“The legislation requires the release of unarmed, pre-trial inmates such as pregnant mothers, minors, elderly prisoners and imprisoned people with other medical disabilities under general care in a state of national emergency with respect to a communicable disorder,” says a brief description.

The bill ‘Changes probation and supervised release policies in order to avoid unnecessary contact with probation officers in person and reduce the number of those supervised and imprisoned for violation’ and ‘Employs the release on their own behalf of nonviolent pre-trial defendants.’

Pelosi ‘s Act also provides that 1) allow judges to shorten sentence of convicted felons and 2) end the fees that prison prison prisoners have to pay before their trials to release them without posting bail. The law also includes provisions for prison prisoners.

“In an emergency COVID 19, the court is expanding to order federal prisoners’ compassionate liberation and reduction of sentences and removing administrative barriers to slow 81 prisoners’ ability to seek their compassionate releases. Allows courts to release those sentenced, but not yet transported to the prison office, from sentence temporarily to protect them against COVID-19, “reads the summary.

‘Provides that the program of grants that directly distribute funding to state and local courts is established, provided it imposes a moratorium on the imposition and collection, during the COVID 19 crisis, of court charges and fines.’

The large trillion dollar bill makes glossing over the tiny but important parts of illicit international amnesty simple for most mainstream media.

On the page 1,762 of the House Democrats’ “HEROES Act,” a section has been buried which directs the Ministry of Homeland Security to release immigration and customs enforcement into the streets. This is the first section.

“The Homeland Security Secretary shall provide preference to release persons who are not subject to compulsory detention rules, on recognition or alternatives to incarceration, unless the individual is a danger to public safety or domestic security,” reads the bill.

Moreover, under the Act illegal aliens are exempted from being found in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Rules, and are lucky enough to work in “important public infrastructure.”

Do the Democrats worry more than the American people about illegal aliens?

On p. 1,737 of the bill, this protection is buried.

Employers hiring undocumented aliens in ‘important’ positions are also excluded from the provision.

Fortunately, Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of the United States, flagged this partisan piece. Citizenship and Citizenship, who said it was a “amnesty move.”

The draft bill pages create a deferral plan of action for aliens based on the key workers list of the CISA. Granting both late action and authorisation for jobs. The aliens don’t even need to order an EAD or postponed intervention, but they immediately get it.

— Ken Cuccinelli (@Homeland Ken) 13 May 2020 Acting Deputy Secretary

“A deferred action plan for aliens based on the standard CISA workers list would be defined on certain pages of the implementation bill. Granting deferred action and permission for employment. EAD or deferred action should not even be submitted by foreigners but automatically “tweeted Cuccinelli.

The intention of Pelosi and its democratic cohorts is to free criminals and illegal immigrants rather than focus on bringing Americans to work.

Inmates in California , New York and New York have already been released.

This short-sighted approach would impact communities around the country if the bill were passed.

The sheer confusion which possibly would emerge would make it impossible for us to re-work our culture.

It seems, alas, that’s just what some Democrats predict.

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FBI asks Feinstein to submit information on stock purchases of her husband



FBI asks Feinstein to submit information on stock purchases of her husband

The FBI politely requested documents on stock trading for her husband before the Collapsed Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Why not a spectacular raid before dawn?

Republican senators Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, Ron Johnson and Jim Inhofe allegedly sold substantial stakes at the next pandemic in March.

But the republicans were not trapped in the cookie jar by their side.

Dianne Feinstein, Democrat Senator, also has a link to illegal stock trading. announced that Richard Blum, a Feinstein partner, sold his joint interests in Allogene Therapeutics Inc., a pharmaceutical firm, to the Coronavirus stock market collapse for between € 1.5 million and $6 million.

The price is approximately $22 / share for that sale by Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-CA. Here’s a sale about the same time for Allogene Therapeutics. It’s 20.29 dollars / share now.

March 20, 2020 — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree)

The Democratic Senator willingly handed records over to the FBI, according to Feinstein’s spox, and addressed concerns about her husband’s portfolio purchases.

FBI requests documentation from Feinstein about the stock exchanges of her husband. “The law enforcement officers asked Senator Feinstein some specific questions about stock sales for her friend, because I believe they were all in the original article,’ says Spox.

— Manu Raju, 14 May 2020.

Feinstein says that she had nothing to do with the stock trades of her husband.

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Coronavirus Destroyed the Union George Soros



Coronavirus Destroyed the Union George Soros

George Soros of the global billionaire expected a pandemic of coronavirus to kill the EU’s globalist mission.

In an interview with British newspaper The Independent on Monday, Soros gave a warning.

“The survival of the EU is especially troubling because it’s an unfinished group,” admitted Soros.

“It’s been created in the process. However, the process never ended which makes Europe exceptionally vulnerable, not only because it is an incomplete union but also because it is based on the rule of law, “said the President of the Commission.

“Justice wheels move very slowly and menaces like the Covid 19 virus move very quickly.” reports: Soros explained that he “really seriously” took Germany’s explosive decision on the European Central Bank.

In three months ‘ time last week the German Constitutional Court gave the ECB an clarification of the proportionality of its bond purchases or the possibility of losing the Bundesbank of Germany – one of 19 Central Banks of the ECB – as a member. The German Parliament and government were also called upon to criticize the ECB on this subject.

Soros believes this move could “destroy the European Union as a rule of law institution” because it was ‘the most respected of German constitutional courts.’

When questioned if the pandemic of coronavirus could transform capitalists’ profile, the billionaire acknowledged that it was ready for seize even if the “how capitalism will grow” can not be expected.

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