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Harry Styles reveals that he has waited for the end of a drug experiment



Harry Styles reveals that he has waited for the end of a drug experiment

Back in 2010, when he was only 16 years old, Harry Styles became popular immediately after listening as a solo artist to the UK version of the X-Factor. Simon Cowell decided to create One Direction featuring the most popular musical groups on the world, namely, Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. Now that the members of the group have taken their own different ways, Styles says he didn’t want to mess things up for everybody, so he waited for the group to break up before experimenting with drugs.

Styles recently said to Zane Lowe: “I don’t want to be the one who f*****s, when I was with the band, I felt like I was so much bigger than any of us I felt. So now is my time to probably go and experiment. “Styles says during his time at One Direction that there were plenty of chances to” take this “and do that with friends. Yet he knew he’d do nothing.

For five years the band recorded albums and toured the world, and Styles did nothing to threaten their success. But after Malik left the group in 2015, the following year they took an indefinite break. And now that Styles does his own thing, the 25-year-old has taken the chance to explore his own awareness with magic champignons.

Style said he experimented with organic hallucinogens when recording his new album at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, but he did so safely. Styles claims that making his new record made him feel better and he was with his family.

Styles now looks back at the time he spent recording a good memory of his new album, Fine Line, despite some blood. The singer says he went to record a song after making the mushrooms, but eventually bit the end of his tongue and tried to sing blood from its mouth.

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