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Historian Condescending Greta Scorches: ‘ I do not see her in Beijing or Delhi ‘



Historian Scorches Condescending Greta: 'I Don’t See Her in Beijing or Delhi'

Globetrotting Greta Thunberg might feel at home reading about the climate impact of western countries, but a renowned historian just brandished the young activist, calling the climate change activist for the places she hadn’t been.

The Senior Fellow from Stanford’s Hoover Institution Niall Ferguson made his point at a CNBC Squawk Box interview on Wednesday.

“The environment problem is not discussed honestly. For if it were there would be some acknowledgment that 60 percent increase in CO2 emissions since Greta Thunberg was born can be traced to China, “Ferguson said,” but no one talks about it.” “We speak like it’s Europeans and Americans who are going to solve this issue. The young activist recently surpassed the climate and called for full social reform.

But there are growing nations such as India and China, noticeably absent from Thunberg’s trips, where massive growth in industry is largely unregulated by successful environmental regulation.

China alone not only emits a remarkable amount of carbon, but also dumps an overwhelming amount of plastics and other waste into the oceans of the planet, another statement Thunberg obviously refutes.

Ferguson did not escape this fact.

“India accounts for nearly 18 per cent of Greta Thuneberg’s lifetime rise in CO2 emissions,” the historian said.

Should Greta Thunberg visit India or China before returning to the United States?

“I don’t see her at Beijing or Delhi, but she’s going to New York and she’s coming to Davos. And that is, I guess, the missing link in this debate. “Shouldn’t Thunberg actually tackle the world’s largest pollutants if it is a global catastrophe that will transform the face of the earth, as we know it?

If the end of the world comes too quickly, Thunberg should indeed use its incredible cultural influence in the fight against pollution from India and China.

Rather, it seems to warn only those from the West whose countries in comparison to many others are models of cleanliness and efficiency.

Thunberg chose to address the attendees as a collective even at the Davos Economic Forum, which was attended by participants from India and China.

“The fire is still on our property. Your actions fuel the flames every hour. And we advise you to live as though you loved your kids above all. “Here’s my full speech in print at the World Economic Forum in #Davos. https:/ Thunberg, January 21, 2020-The argument of Ferguson is perfectly meaningful-if it really matters to Thunberg whether carbon dioxide and other pollution, then the argument seems to be addressing the wrong audience. This makes us have to wonder how sure she is that emissions are related to climate change–or even that human-made climate change actually occurs.

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