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How to Mimic Real life Casino Experience with a Mobile device



How to Mimic Real life Casino Experience with a Mobile device

here are some experiences in our lives that we feel like no electronic device could ever replace. Is that so?
Experts on VR, AR and other real-life simulating companies are working on breaking this myth. They believe that we actually can mimic real-life activities to different media while keeping the real experience the same.

One of those experiences is playing in a casino house. The sights, the live dealers, the feeling of the casino chips in our hands. The sense of the cards and the sound of the roulette. These experiences can’t be replaced in any way with a virtual one, or so many beleive.

We checked the different ways industry leaders attempt to overcome this belief. Super excited, we went on to try out some of the ways companies throughout the world have sought out to tackle this issue, and here is what we came across.

Mobile Online Casino

Many of the best online casinos are working day and night to give us the best possible experience while using our mobile device. We have created an account with one of those leading brands and played for several hours.
First, we made sure the website we placed our trust in is regulated and safe for use. Such as website that is monitored daily to ensure fairness.
Our experience was beyond fun. We received a great value on our money which we could not have received in any real-life casino. When we made our initial 50$ deposit, we received a 100% extra funds on our deposit. Which means we started our journey with 100$.
We played roulette and were surprised to see a minimum wager of 10 Cents. Again, nothing that we could find on a regular casino. The low bet enabled us to play in so many strategies. We could play for hours.

Overall the experience was enjoyable, with sounds of a real casino, and great gaming experience.

However, that didn’t quite satisfy when it comes to real-life experience.
luckily there are more ways the gaming industry is attempting to tackle this issue

Live Dealer Tables Online

Next up we tried to play on a Live Dealer table, again at a selected online casino. What this means is that a live stream opens with an actual dealer that is in a real casino, sitting at a real table.
We started to play and were happy to see that all went relatively fast. Communication was accessible, and the game controls were very straightforward. The overall experience was great and better at giving a real-life experience than the first approach.

Once we had finished playing at a real live dealer table, we went on to explore the last possibility that the online gaming industry has to offer, which is a VR casino.

VR Casino

We have put on our VR set and went on to the online casino. The casino entrance was impressive. However, when it came down to the games, the experience started to feel a bit unpolished. It felt like the initial idea was great, but the execution was a bust.

Unfortunately, we could not stay on the VR casino very long and had a generally less exciting experience than in both of the other methods.

To sum things up, if you want to experience the highest level of casino gambling and can’t reach a real-life casino. You have some great options available for you. We would recommend simply using your phone to play on one of the worlds leading online casino. This experience is a lot more fun than first anticipated. Enjoy

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