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How to Stimulate Her Clitoris to Give Her Hip Shaking Orgasms



How to Stimulate Her Clitoris to Give Her Hip Shaking Orgasms

Orgasm plays a vital role in the sessions of sex and foreplay. This orgasm happens due to the presence of the clitoris in the females. The clitoris is often mistaken as the vagina on the women, but it is not. The clitoris is instead a small opening that is present above the vagina and helps the sexual arousing in the females. The stimulation of the clitoris is one of the integral parts of the sex. The foreplay turns out to be one of the enjoyed ones when it comes to the clitoral stimulation. Although there are several ways of stimulating the clitoris that can give a hip-shaking orgasm but the best ways are,

  • Massaging the outer side of the Clitoris – The most irresistible and powerful way of arousing the sexual feelings in any woman is the massaging of the clitoris on its outer edges. The essential factor in the process of foreplay is the procedure of massaging of the outer labia of the genitals. The massage should start with the gentle caressing of the genital with the help of the thumbs and the index fingers to gently massage and squeeze the outer part of the clitoris. The lips of the vagina having the pubic hairs on them should gently be stretched and pulled away from the body towards any direction to arouse the feeling of excitement in the woman. They should be pinched gently to make her orgasm. The tongues can also be an excellent source to stimulate her orgasm if needed.
  • The inner massaging of the Clitoris – Men have always been curious for action on the bed and try to jump straight for the happening just after the massaging of the outer clitoris. If the same is done, then it will be termed as one of the more significant mistakes as you will leave the seduction in the mid-way. When the clitoris is massaged on the outer side, the next step should be to find her pleasure with the help of your fingers. The only thing in common in every woman is the finding of her satisfaction with your finger. The key to the orgasm of any woman is the inner part of the clitoris that should be rubbed now and then to provide her with immense pleasure and give her hip-shaking orgasms.
  • Massaging with the help of devices – In recent times, artificial machinery is also used for stimulation purposes to a great extent. The western countries are one of the largest markets for such products and show the availability of a substantial number of sex toys in the market. These toys provide immense pleasure in the process of lovemaking and foreplay. The toys like the dildos and the prostate massager are frequently in demand of the sex toys industry. The artificial massager gets the best out of your woman and helps in the generating of the orgasm out of your partner. Out of all the artificial toys, the vibrating cock ring is one of the most preferred and the best prostate massager that can be found in the market.
  • Getting the best out of your Furniture – The furniture present in your house can be an excellent prop for the commencement of your foreplay. The furniture provides a better cushion to your partner during the foreplay that you make with her clitoris. A comfortable position helps in achieving the orgasm quite quickly.
  • Finding the G-Spot – The essential part of stimulating a girl is finding her G-Spot. The placement of the G-Spot in several girls depends on their body type. The G-Spot is usually located 2 to 3 inches inside the body of the girls, which, when hit correctly, provides immense pleasure to the person at the receiving end and can even result in extreme squirting. At the beginning of the process, the expectation of the woman reacting to your gestures is not possible as they are not stimulated by then, and the effort to make her excited should be made in the best possible way.
  • Using both the hands to stimulate your girl – The G-spot is located just opposite to the clitoris, and the mistake made by most men is that they don’t even realize where are both the spots. The massaging of the clitoris undoubtedly provide your girl with immense pleasure to get her orgasm, but if it is massaged with both the hands, then the pleasure achieved would be unimaginable to express, and your girl would squirt her heart out with a hip-shaking experience of orgasm.

Sex plays a vital role in lovemaking, and so foreplay in sex. The art of foreplay should be mastered and particularly the art of massaging of her clitoris and providing her with an experience of heaven during her orgasm.

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