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India’s mobile game industry is expected to reach $3 billion by 2023.




Has benefited from her stay-at-home motherhood and is an important member of her family. Beneficiary of Covid-19: Prepare a report

India’s gaming industry, which currently stands at $1.2 billion, is projected to rise to $3 billion by 2023, with Gen-Z responsible for a third of the population. India currently has about 365 million smartphone players, and this figure is expected to exponentially increase.

The game sector has benefited from Covid-19 because of the substantial rise in gaming activity rate since the pandemic. With the gaming interest and an increasing ecosystem of competitive players and fans, industry analysts predict that e-sports will follow in the footsteps of conventional sports.

Downloads of apps

Between the second quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020, an overview of software sales revealed a 20% growth in games downloaded from the iOS App Store, whilst the Android Play Store saw a 51% rise in game downloads. One of the top app includes original bubbles you can play.

“Mobile gaming is booming in India since the ecosystem has been revamped with 4G mobile networks, low data rates, increasing smartphone adoption, and Covid-19,” according to a study by CLSA, an independent consulting company.

According to the study obtained by BusinessLine, the development of digital content has been slowed for several years due to a shortage of Internet connectivity, high mobile costs, high data prices, and a lack of digital payment infrastructure.

“India’s online gaming industry is growing thanks to the digital penetration, a growing online population, inexpensive smartphones, and low data speeds. In India, there has been a major increase in personal computer (PC) and console gaming, though these are still not as common as smartphone games, according to Deepti Chaturvedi, an analyst at CLSA.

New Players

Nazara (which has collaborations including Airtel eSports Tour for PUBG mobile), Dream 11, Games24x7, Paytm First Games, Mobile Premier League, and JioGames are among India’s top mobile gaming teams, according to the survey. Nazara is also planning an IPO, and the firm is Ebitda-positive after investing more than $300 million in gaming over the last five years. It has earned Rs. 100 crore at a $365 million valuation.

Similarly, Tencent’s $1 billion unicorn Dream 11 is funding the 2020 Indian Premier League. Tiger Global backs Games24x7, which has a portfolio of skill-based and casual games.

Paytm First Games, a subsidiary of Paytm, has 300 games and a 45 million-strong gaming audience. According to the news, JioGames, a joint venture between RelianceJio and MediaTek, has launched a ‘Gaming Masters/eSports’ event and is collaborating with Microsoft to introduce Microsoft Cloud to India.
Gaming on a national scale

Global gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the media industry, according to the survey, with a market capitalization of $166 billion. The smartphone gaming industry is now worth $74 billion (up from $41 billion in 2016). It has benefited from stay-at-home staff as a result of competitive online engagements, and is a primary Covid-19 beneficiary, she added.

E-gaming gains from 5G in China as well, with premium games and improved network. In India, as the games and gaming experience improve, gamers want to not only watch live events but also compete in tournaments with large prize pools, according to the survey.

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