Kayla Bailey, daughter of ‘Basketball Wives’ actress Brooke Bailey, died at age 25.

Brooke Bailey, a star of “Basketball Wives,” said that her daughter Kayla unexpectedly passed away on Sunday. She was 25.

Pretty Black, aka Kayla Nicole Bailey, will always be my baby. This is not the end. Bailey posted a sequence of images of Kayla over the years on Instagram along with the message, “Mommy will see you soon.”

Kayla Nicole Bailey, who passed away in 2012, was remembered in Bailey’s new bio, which read: “FOREVER Kayla Nicole Bailey 3/2/97-9/25/22 #PrettyBlack.”

Although the exact reason of Kayla’s passing is unknown, there are rumours that she passed away from wounds acquired in a vehicle accident. By publishing an item about the collision, Bailey gave the impression that the news was accurate; nevertheless, the death’s official cause and manner are still unknown.


As soon as Bailey announced the news, her friends, family, and following showered her announcement with condolence messages.

Actress Tabitha Brown said, “Omg my heart just bled for you. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.”

Zena Foster, a beauty expert, said, “I’m very sorry Brooke.

‘OMG, gorgeous I’m very sorry! Tammy Rivera, a former cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” added, “My prayers are with you, and I’m lifting your name high tonight in prayer.

The two-time father of two, Bailey, expressed her gratitude for everyone’s support by commenting on her Instagram Story, “Thank you for LOVING my baby daughter. I’m grateful.

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