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Maria News Explodes Puerto Ricans March Guillotine to Gov’s Mansion



Maria News Explodes Puerto Ricans March Guillotine to Gov's Mansion

While guillotine is best known as the tool of choice for killing revolutionaries during the French Revolution, its history is back to the 13th century.

Nevertheless, it was invented by the Gallic people.

Although in the age of more civilized torture the guillotine has generally been disappointed— like a four-part series on Nancy Grace — it retains some popularity among people who want the good ol’ days if the heads roll for minor violations.

It could make a comeback in Puerto Rico–and while it will not take anyone’s life, it will send a message to the political establishment of the island.

This move follows another week of violence in the U.S., this time over Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria was over 2 years ago, you may say. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

And, as the recent video indicates, there was no delivery of disaster relief aid to the island from the earthquake.

Last Saturday, the territorial government began problems, where a Social Media user calling themselves “El León Fiscalizador” managed to sneak into a warehouse in south Ponce and find massive quantities of Hurricane Maria-era supplies that were not distributed to citizens of the island, although the hurricane took place over 2.

The video caused massive outrage and a few officials were sacked not long ago.

Would you think the Puerto Rican government needs to be replaced?

That was not enough for many Puerto Ricans, however, as they wanted a new Governor — Gov. Wanda Vázquez this time who, after a text message controversy, replaced Ricardo Rosselle, pushed Rosselle out of power last year.

According to CBS News, Fernando Gil Enseñat, Fired Housing Secretary, accused the governor of discovering the Ponce warehouse of materials that were not distributed.

“Gil Enseñat said his agency had’ nothing’ to do with the supplies found in Ponce to the local news agencies. He explained that his department is responsible for supervising emergency warehousing supply stores in the cities of Cabo Rojo and Río Piedras, not Ponce, adding that the governor has been given updated information on the warehouses ‘ inventory, “said NBC News.

On her part, Vázquez said to her ex-house secretary “Did not trust me because of various circumstances.” The fact that Vázquez was more than willing to go to the press on his situation, that Vázquez knew well how to get emergency supplies, was not surprisingly clear on Saturday morning.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that the top of the Puerto Rican food chain knew where these supplies were.

“Emergency warehouses in Ponce and in other cities are included in the emergency management program in Puerto Rico,” NBC News reported.

“The contract was signed by the corporation in August 2019 indicating that they already know the warehouses had existed before the angry citizens broke into the warehouse in Ponce last week,” says the Puerto Rican government.

On Thursday a crowd of demonstrators put together a raw guillotine and it did not go to Enseñat’s residence (spoiler alert): the people of Puerto Rico are now taking a guillotine into the Governor’s mansion. The guillotine is mounted outside the Governor’s Mansion in San Juan.— Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) Jan 23, 2020. Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) 23 January 2020 So @Resident was shown up and gave a speech behind the guillotine. / R90HDUrg4 K — Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) January 23, 2020 René Juan Pérez Joglar, a legal resident and hip hop artist from Puerto Rico who isn’t in Team Vázquez and I’m spitballing here.

I’m not an expert on guillotines, but it seems a little too wobbly and inaccurate to do any damage.

It is like strapping a pair of twisted wires to an Ottoman IKEA and calling it an electric chair.

That said, there is something positive about these pictures in Boston about 1775. I say, as if it had to be said, in a good way.

The citizens of Puerto Rica discover with determined pace that they can not trust a territorial government that does not respond when it is not completely ruthless.

As Hurricane Maria struck, they feuded with Washington for the slow reaction and inadequate distribution of emergency supplies.

At that time, there was a general consensus that the administration of Trump was somehow responsible. I’m not faulting Puerto Ricans to purchase that.

You shouldn’t buy it now, not when you see these emergency supplies in the warehouse from the last two years. The people of the island deserve better.

You don’t have to get a guillotine, but you have to make the elected officials responsible— and that isn’t just a few memories.


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