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Mortgage Calculators: Are They Really Helpful?




When you’re planning to buy a new home, it’s critical to have a good idea of what you can afford. The good news is that mortgage rates in the U.S. have tumbled to record lows, dropping from 3% in July to 2.67% in December. This is the lowest in data dating back roughly 50 years, and good news for new home buyers. But that does not mean you can just figure out how much you will be paying on your mortgage. Keep in mind that your monthly payments will not typically only include the loan amount, but it will also include your homeowner’s insurance, your annual property taxes, and possibly mortgage insurance.

It can be very difficult to determine the amount on your mortgage payment considering you have to add up all these factors, including interest and principal. Luckily, thanks to new tech, mortgage calculators are now easily accessible online. These applications can come in handy when you want to determine the type of home you can afford and compare rates. They can also help to illustrate how much you could save if only you paid more on the principle.

Know What Homes You Can Afford

Perhaps this is one of the main advantages of using a mortgage calculator. You only have to key in a few basic details on the price of the property, the effective interest rate you expect to pay, property taxes, and the mortgage insurance if required. Once you feed the application with this information, you can get a pretty clear idea of what you will be expected to cough out on a monthly basis and ultimately determine what you can afford. 

Help You To Save Money

Using a mortgage calculator can help you save money. The fact that you can calculate variables like amortization, interest rates, and down payment means that you can determine which options best suit your needs and budget. This alone is a major asset when it comes to negotiating the terms of a mortgage.

Comparing Rates

If you have already received several quotes with different rates or you’re considering taking a mortgage with an adjustable rate, using a mortgage calculator can help you determine how the rate of interest will impact your monthly payments. This is particularly useful when weighing the difference between a fixed rate mortgage and a mortgage with an adjustable rate. In the event that you are on a mortgage with an adjustable rate and interest rates rise, you will want to ensure that you can still afford to make your monthly payments. 

Understand the Advantages of a Larger Down Payment or an Early Payoff

You might be amazed to find out that you can save a lot in interest over the life of a mortgage loan simply by making a larger down payment, making more frequent payments instead of making payments once a month, or paying an additional principle every month. With the help of a mortgage calculator, you get an illustration of how minor changes to the way you repay your loan can benefit you. 

In a nutshell, a mortgage calculator is a good resource if you want to buy a new home or simply thinking about refinancing your mortgage loan.

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The Wealth 2021: Facilitating the Quest to Financial Stability




The Wealth 2021

Life is a game of unpredictability. It throws new things at you at every turn, roundabout and intersection, prompting people to either gear up and face the challenges as they come or cower and stick to a safe road that leads to nowhere.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the former half that is able to make their way through life’s strange affinity for catching us off-guard. They are able to build wealth that allows them to leave behind legacies that sustain their families’ financial stability after they’re long gone.

The big secret behind their financial success is not something completely out of the ordinary. In other words, it’s their unwavering commitment to pushing through bottlenecks that facilitates their pursuit of materializing their financial aspirations.

As Virgil said, “Fortune sides with him who dares.”

Helping People take a Chance

Financial stability and burgeoning wealth come to those that dare to take up the challenge of navigating this road.

Valentin Luboya, an individual that dared to take up the long and arduous route to financial success uses his story, and insights to help other people dare.

A successful entrepreneur with multiple online businesses, Valentin achieved his authorial aspirations with a book called “The Wealth 2021”. Full of practical strategies, professional insights and sage life advice, the book is meant for those who need that extra push to go after what they had been dreaming about since a young age – financial liberty!

This book is a labor of love that birthed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Observing other people, both young and old, struggle to give their life some semblance of financial security, Valentin recognized a need for guidance.

This was personal for him as he had been where these people were at this time.

Dreaming of Soaring Blue Skies – Valentin’s Journey

Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Valentin spent his life dreaming about a future that would allow him to be secure with enough wealth to support a comfortable lifestyle. Holding on to this dream along with a desire to take his passions to the sky, he made his way to the United States in the 1980s at the age of 23 on a student visa.

Valentin Luboya, Commercial Pilot was the goal. Alas, life had other plans and sent him spiraling in another direction.

Unable to find a job due to lacking experience, Valentin quickly realized that instead of moping, he had to take immediate action and make his dreams come true another way. With some research, he enrolled himself in Kaplan University to become a licensed realtor.

Meanwhile, he submitted his documents and applied for citizenship. Not long after he got his license, Valentin entered the Texas real estate market, ready to help people achieve their life-long dream of homeownership.

His dedication to making it big and building wealth allowed him to stick to his goals and be the best that he could be in his field. What encouraged him to maximize his potential as a realtor was his clients’ satisfaction upon finding the right place to call home, and that too, because of him.

The adage of ensuring the sales to be good real estate investment choices further fueled his passion for helping people make decisions that add up their wealth. Valentin especially found value in flipping and rehabbing houses to give clients an opportunity to make the best of their finances.

This sparked his entrepreneurial aspirations. Without wasting more time, Valentin explored opportunities in internet marketing. His business acumen and prowess proved critical in helping other entrepreneurs launch their ventures.

Valentin Group Media prefixed the title, Founder and CEO, before his name and opened up numerous opportunities for building wealth. It allowed him to retire early and live the comfortable life he had dreamed of as a young boy in Congo.

When the pandemic hit, he saw that many people had begun to recognize their own passion for living a comfortable life and being financially autonomous. This propelled his authorial goals further. Helping people start agency, a business online.

Wanting to provide guidance and information he didn’t have access to during his own journey, he decided to share his wealth of knowledge in a book. With time, The Wealth 2021 took shape of a practical guide for people from all walks of life.

Helping Walk the Talk of Gaining Financial Freedom

Whether you’re on the verge of retiring and clueless about what to do next or a young professional with a radical idea of setting up a secondary stream of income, this book has practical advice that facilitates objective and subjective wealth attainment.

He recognizes that wealth has a different meaning for everyone depending on their life circumstances. Readers get to see what financial autonomy means to different people, possibly changing their perspectives and giving it more substance than just wealth accumulation.

Guided by his own experience and those around him, Valentin’s genius in internet marketing and running multiple successful online businesses exude from each page. You can a glimpse of what your future could look like as a financially independent individual and then learn the skills to make it happen.

Find out more about how you can walk this walk by learning more about the book here.

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Mission Lane raises USD 500 million in funding for startup credit cards




Mission Lane raises USD 500 million in funding for startup credit cards

Mission Lane, an planned credit card service, today announced the naming of US consumer bank Chief Shane Holdaway as the next CEO of Capital One veteran and former Barclays. The company also announced its increase in equities and debt funding in excess of half a billion dollars. This includes an Invus Resources, LL Assets, LLC, QED Founders and Oaktree Capital Management, L.P’s SeriesA investment of over $200 million. (Oaktree). (Oaktree). The money is used to expand the company so that more than 100 million US people with poorer credit ratings will be useful or who are not yet able to build up the requisite credit background to achieve a ranking. Goldman Sachs (Senior) and Oaktree also secured a new $300-million debt facility.

Mission Lane split LendUp in December 2018 in order to give borrowers who have fewer options because of their reduced loan rates decent credit cards with simpler terms. “Mission Lane is focused on helping individuals who strive to create or restore their assets, as does the vast majority of banks and fintech firms,” said Shane Holdaway. Most of these people, Holdaway says, were left behind after the financial crash and are unable to boost their economic condition because of a lack of access to affordable financial goods. “The few available loans and credit cards are always confusing, hard to understand and full of mysterious fees,” said Holdaway. “While we know that social injustice can not be overcome or that we can not eliminate tough times,” Holdaway said, “we can surely provide a route or a lane that has words that are simpler and easier to grasp.”

Project Lane incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated research and analyzes with deep business expertise to create quality solutions and services for credit owners. As Chief Executive Officer, Shane Holdaway joins a team that includes members of the industry and major businesses such as Capital One, Google and PayPal. “The team that has the skills , knowledge and passion to recreate the credit card business is bringing a strong vision and experience,” said Nigel Morris, Chairman of Mission Lane, QED Investors Management Partner and Co-Founde of Capital One. “The opportunities on the market are enormous, and the basics for combining purpose with profit are the building of a big company which can help millions.”

Check out:

“Mission Lane is poised for tremendous development and great creativity. We think the ‘right credit’ will create a roundabout – our company can expand and thrive as we effectively help clients develop and restore their ‘financial value,’ and succeed.”

In Scott’s Addition there is a well-financed start-up of a West Coast credit card.

Project Lane, which provides financial resources for those who wish their credits to be built or restored, reported Tuesday that the current headquarters of the company was Belleville St. in 1504.

The business took over 20.000 m2, which gives it space to expand, in May, in the converted warehouse. In recent history it’s one of the biggest offices in the city.

“Our current Scott Expansion site allows us space to hang out, so that workers can do so easily, when it’s convenient to work in our building,” said COO Eric Nelson. ‘Our Scott Addition Bureau is now expanding and we plan to recruit all places in the coming months.’

As its head office, Nelson said, the organization plans to use the premises. The company declined to comment on the new headquarters thoroughly.

In December 2018, Mission Lane was established as a standalone company when it divided LendUp, a financial tech company based in San Francisco. Mission Lane was the credit card division of the company under LendUp.

It was first built in The Boulders office park on the south side after expanding in Richmond.

In September Mission Lane announced that its debt and equity raises will reach $500 million. The firm said at the time it had issued hundreds of thousands of consumers’ credit cards.

Surface Architectural Manufacturer, a recycled wood retailer, founded by John Freeland, formerly operated the company’s new Scott’s Extension house. Though SAS was a Crewe-based Trout River subsidiary, Freeland is still the owner of the Belleville property around a year ago.

In order to get it ready for the space-leasing Project Lane, he enlist Thalhimer realty partners and Jason Guillot the principal to redevelop the property.

Christina Jeffries of 7 Hills Advisors represented Project Lane in the contract.

UrbanCore was the contractor for the Virginia Credit Union scheme. The building has been designed by Fultz & Singh Architects. The mechanical , electrical and fan sketches of the licenseZip were treated.

Freeland said it is further proof of the increasing popularity of this city that Mission Lane arrives in the community.

“Belleville ‘s selection solidifies Scott’s Addition ‘s popularity as Richmond’s pulsating nucleus,” he said.

In the North of Virginia, the Bonaventure Realty Group purchased 1700 Belleville St. for $500,000 elsewhere on Belleville Street in June. Brambly Park was built at the beginning of June 1708 in the Belleville st in 1708 and is a collaboration between developers Carter Snipes and Spy Rock Real Estate Company.

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