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Movement Leader Calls Trump ‘the Most Successful Pro-Life President in the History of This Country’



Movement Leader Calls Trump 'the Most Successful Pro-Life President in the History of This Country'

A pro-life leader dubbed President Donald Trump as “the most successful pro-life president of this country’s history” as the pro-life advocates prepared for Friday’s Annual Lifelong March comment from Jeff Hunt, Director, Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian Universities.

President Trump’s story was told today at the March for Life Rally. Trump is a true defender of our most innocent lives and the most pro-life president of our times. https:/— Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) 24 January, 2020 The first sitting president to take on the march in person, Trump made history on Friday.

Hunt spoke of Trump in SiriusXM’s “Breitbart News Tonight” interview on Thursday. “This is really a historical moment,” Hunt said. “Donald Trump is the most successful pro-life president in the history of this country from a purely political viewpoint. Hunt did an amazing job of targeting the abortion industry and their profit-making efforts to make money from death. “Hunt turned to the rise of Trump when he nominated conservative judges for federal judiciary vacancies.

“He has appointed judges who will return to a constitutional system— the original intention of the Constitution— not to take up their position from the bench as a lawmaking point, but to return to the co-equal government,” he said.

Would you agree that President Trump is the most effective pro-life president in the history of this nation?

That’s not all, said Hunt.

“I’m pleased with everything you’ve done about protecting freedom of religion, the rights of consciences, defending Planned Parenthood, appointing these judges who will interpret the Constitution as it has been written,” he said.

Hunt said the policies of Trump are empowering pro-life activists who fight abortion for years.

“These are great times,” he said. He said. “These are the steps we have been waiting for in this country to finish abortion. “It took a lot of jobs, and people I consider heroes, such as William Wilberforce, worked 60 years to stop the slave trade and did it incrementally, but they came. I don’t know what the heroes are. W]e got there on abortion, and this is a President who ought to applaud and I hope you will see 100 000 people thanking this chairman for the work he is doing to encourage the sacredness of life,” Hunt said. He said: “We have got the opportunity to end the slave trade, and then to free the slaves, but it took some time.”

Hunt compared Trump to former President Abraham Lincoln during the interview.

“During his[ presidency] Lincoln also grew,” said Hunt.

“He was mainly concerned about maintaining the Union together at the outset of the Civil War. This changed because he was a very, very committed abolitionist and ultimately led to the 13th amendment that ended slavery in this country, “he said.

During the interview, he noted that the Trump administration is dominated by pro-life fighting including Vice President Mike Pence and White House Adviser Kellyanne Conways.

“Politicians and leaders in our country are surrounded by people who can guide and direct their thoughts and I have seen this president become an active pro-life leader, and I think there is a lot about how transparent the government works with the faith community.”

“I have to tell you, I have worked with various administrations. This is widely open for working with pro-life leaders. “All of the time, we know the endless love every child brings to a family when we keep a newborn in our arms. We see the splendor as we see a child grow from every human soul.

One life changes the world. “— Students For Trump, January 24, 2020 He has punished pro-abortion demonstrators and greeted pro-life advocates in Trump’s comments on Friday, according to a White House press release report.

“Sadly, the far left is working actively to abolish our freedoms given by God; shut down faithful charities; remove faithful from public square; and silence Americans who believe in the sacredness of life,” said Trump.

They come after me because I fight for you and we fight for the voiceless.’ Trump said that all children deserve the right to live.

“We can not know what our unborn citizens are going to do, the visions they are going to envision, the masterpieces they are going to create, the discoveries they will produce,” said Trump.

“But we know this: love brings into this world every life. Each child brings a family happiness. Everyone should be safe. More importantly, we know that every human soul is divine, and every human life— born and unborn — is made in the sacred image of the Almighty God.

“We will defend this truth together throughout our magnificent country. We will set our people’s dreams free. With determined hope we expect all the blessings that come from each American child’s beauty, talent, intent, dignity and grace.

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