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Sofia Richie wants this year’s Scott Disick Engagement Ring for Christmas



Sofia Richie wants this year's Scott Disick Engagement Ring for Christmas

It seems like there’s only one thing on the Christmas list of Sofia Richie, and she’s not shy about sharing it. Gossip about Scott Disick and Sofia Richie involved in the vacation revived something serious, thanks to the intervention of Sofia’s PR team to create another story about how she is preparing for a ring.

Devotees of the least-possible Kardashia-adjacent love story will recall Sofia’s attempt to move in a similar tactic a few months ago. Kourtney’s love was told to “heart” Kourtney’s idea, and Sofia to “officialize it” by living with each other, because he’s a better father to her three children if Scott is in a happy place.

And now, the well-placed story of September brings fruit of November in the style of Persimmon, since Kourtney’s blessing is one of Sofia’s great selling points for the present Scott Disick. The story of Life & Style is: “Like most couples, they have their ups and downs, but it would not surprise those close to them if Scott put this question next year,” says one source exclusively to Life & Style. “For some time now he has been dreaming about Sofia’s’ The One’.” In addition to Scott’s strong feelings for the 21-year-old model, he has also received an acceptance stamp from ex-Kourtney Kardashian and her friends.

Kourtney also urged the pair to move in.

“Kourtney would like to do it, because she thinks Sofia is good for Scott and when Scott is good she knows the kids are good and that’s all she cares about,” another source said to Life & Style in September.

Furthermore, according to Us Weekly, Kourtney always considers Sofia as “a part of the family.” “There’s a common background and lifestyle between Kourtney and Sofia and Sofia that’s easy to get along with, and is a normal girl.”

Unlike some other stars of television, Scott does not really seem like a guy to get feeling during the holidays. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next story in this gossip loop is more about how they’ve been thinking about interacting since at least June. This timeline, of course, strengthens the fact that they were already together, much longer than anybody would expect. If Scott had married Sofia right now when they began to date over two years ago, it would be an impulsive rebound decision and nothing more. If he’s now proposing to her, it’d make sense?

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