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Steps to take to file a wrongful death lawsuit



If a loved one of yours has been the victim of an incident involving negligence, you may be thinking of filing a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. If that’s the case, you’re probably going through a tough time and you want to make sure you follow the proper procedure. This will ensure you properly file your suit and have everything in order to proceed with your lawyer. Here are steps you must take to correctly file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Determine if you are eligible

The first step begins with compiling all of the information you intend to bring forward and determining if you are eligible. It’s best to consult your lawyer to determine this because the guidelines are different in all states. In California, the code of civil procedure includes the following individuals as heirs: a spouse, domestic partner, children, issue of the deceased child, and stepchildren. In addition, you’ll have to determine if a wrongful death claim applies to your situation. You may file a suit if the victim dies because of a car crash, because of medical malpractice or if the victim was murdered.

Proving negligence or intent

Wrongful death lawsuits are based on negligence and intent — whether you’re dealing with a wrongful death caused by a car collision, mistakes made by someone in the medical field or elder abuse. So the next step after determining if you are eligible is establishing intent or negligence. This means being able to prove the defendant acted on purpose with the intent to harm or whether they were negligent. This requires evidence that the defendant owed your loved one a duty of care and breached that duty.

It’s important to preliminarily take these steps on your own and then contact an attorney to receive professional help with a complimentary consultation. At this stage, it’s important to ask questions and have them explain everything to you.

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1 Comment

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How to win your escape house adventure




Escape games can be great fun, especially when you win! We’ve cultivated these helpful tips from escape games Los Angeles based rooms and from our own experiences. Some of these may seem to be common sense, but others will be akin to opening a door to a room and illuminating the darkness.

Try these tips the next time you take on an escape house adventure.

Assemble a team. These escape games work better when your group is larger, however, you can win even if your group is pretty small. You should try to avoid working at maximum team size as this can make the game confusing.

Work together. If you have been working on a puzzle and it just isn’t clicking, don’t hesitate to move on to another puzzle and give someone else a stab at it. Also, listen to what your teammates have to say. Cooperate!

Assign different tasks to different members. Look at your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks accordingly. This also helps you avoid everyone clumping around a single puzzle.

Organize your objects. Staying organized helps you keep your area tidy so that when you need a clue or item you know exactly where it is. If you have several items that are related, you can keep them together this way too.

Be thorough in your search. In other words, leave no stone unturned. Look everywhere, in books, on top of shelves, in panels hidden in the walls or floor, anywhere. At the same time though, do not be destructive.

Ask for hints. If you feel like you are stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for hints. Sometimes the hints are in the escape game, and other times they are outside of the game (i.e. the gamemaster). Know going in how hints work so you don’t waste precious time getting out.

Do not play when you are drunk. It is a really bad idea to play an escape room while you are drunk. There’s just too much potential disaster lurking there. Drinking affects your decision making and coordination. If you need to drink, do it after you escape.

Bring a watch. Just about everything till stripped from you, so wearing a wristwatch is a great way for you to watch out for the amount of time is left.

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