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Tiny Harris’s fans are concerned that posts on social media have been stopped since the scandal of Deyjah Harris



Tiny Harris' Fans Are Worried That Tip Stopped Posting On Social Media Since The Deyjah Harris-Related Scandal

Tiny Harris wished her the BFF Tamika Scott a happy birthday and ensured her emotional message and fun images for this important event. Check her article below. Below.

Fortunate birthday to my beloved Tamika @therealtamikascott Nobody’s like u! I love you for all that you are!! You just know how to put a smile on everyone’s face!! I hope you’ve ever had the best day!! I’m on W.coast time excuse me!! Future ‘ Tiny’s article was subtitled.

Someone said:’ Happy birthday, gorgeous — you’re looking forward to many more years of excellence. Another fan wrote,’ Y’all are gorgeous, never old a bit â happy Tamika birthday.’ Another fan said,’… oh, my goodness, the King certainly is your twin!!and someone else said, after seeing one of the pics in the post, Tiny’s son King Harris is twining with her:’ King certainly is your twin!!!! Someone else wrote:’ Happy Birthday, @therealtamikascott! Happy Birthday, Tamika,’ Such pictures certainly bring me back to the good days of the oil! Another disciple said:’ @majorgirl where is your husband???’ I miss my account @troubleman31!!! I hope his absence is not Deyjah because this is his daughter and his company!!! People no longer like the truth… false crap is the new right! I love you and hope everything is all right with my favorite rapper luckily The follower above referred to the fact that Tip made it clear that Tip went with his daughter Deyjah to the gynecologist to make sure she was a virgin again.

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