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Top online reviews to trust for moving companies



Top online reviews to trust for moving companies

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in our lives. There is a lot of local moving companies in the United States, and after price, their reputation is the most important factor when selecting a mover. There is a long list of websites that collect reviews for moving companies, but our recommendation is to go with CityMove.

What is CityMove?

CityMove is a platform where you can post your move details and have movers send you competing for offers. As time goes on, movers outbid each other to offer you the best possible quotes on your move. It’s great because you do not have to share your personal information with the individual moving companies, but rather stay anonymous and get notified by email as you receive quotes.

Verified Reviews

There are few platforms online where the reviews are filtered as harshly as on CityMove. In order to leave your feedback for a moving company, you must have been a paying customer, as verified by CityMove. In addition, you must pass several authenticity checks. Once CityMove determines your review to be legitimate, it becomes branded as the “Verified Mover Review“, and only then it becomes part of the movers’ ranking. CityMove now boasts over 18,000 reviews for hundreds of movers in the United States.

Are you moving soon?

In addition to checking out mover reviews online, you can check out advice on the New Beginnings blog. The advice includes a lot of useful articles for everyone, such as tips on packing your own boxes, guidelines for tipping movers, precautions before driving a truck on your own. If you are looking for advice about moving to a specific city or neighborhood, there are neighborhood guides there as well for many Philadelphia and New York areas. If you are interested in getting moving quotes, visit CityMove to get moving companies to compete to earn your business.

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