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Trump Admin: You have 30 Days to Stop Abortion Violations in Pro-Abortion Calif



Trump Admin: You have 30 Days to Stop Abortion Violations in Pro-Abortion Calif

President Donald Trump has dropped a hammer on California, a state that seems to think it can do what it wants.

The Golden State has violated the law by forcing private insurers to cover abortion expenses, the President said. And if it doesn’t end, he threatens to withdraw federal funding from the state.

The Administration has indicated that other states would do the same, because the President is seeking religious exemptions from laws relating to abortion.

“People should not be forced to participate, pay for, or cover the abortions of other people” said Roger Severino, Director of the Ministry of Health and Human Services for Civil Rights.

The administration has circulated the Weldon provision, which specifies that certain grants may be refused by local or state governments discriminated against a “health care institution” if they do not provide for abortions or compensate them, according to the New York Times. The New York Times.

California will cooperate for 30 days before measures are taken to slash health and human services funds.

With more than $1.5 trillion in government debt, California is barely able to cope with such a cut, according to the California Policy Center, and hundreds of trillions of unfunded retirement commitments.

“We send a message that if any state did as California had done, it should also expect it to be found in violation” said Severino, warning other states like New York, Washington and Oregon that have similar legislation. “We are sending a warning shot.

Would abortion just be absolutely outlawed?

Democrats are unsurprisingly angry at the President’s failure to allow them unimpeded implementation of their far-left policy— the way they have with refuge.

“While California’s compliance with the Weldon Amendment was affirmed by the federal decision four years ago, the Trump administration would rather build up its base to win cheap political points and threaten access to treatment for millions rather than doing what’s right,” said California Gov. Gavin Newsom, according to the Associated Press.

“California will continue to safeguard the right of women to choose and we will not reject the defense of reproductive freedom for all — full stop,” he said.

A “woman’s right to choose,” obviously, is a much better way to say the right of a woman to snuff out a child’s life.

The President showed strong support to the pro-life cause during his campaign, and on Friday, when he became Washington’s first sitting president, he made history.

“We are the voice together for the voiceless. You saw what was going on when it came to the Republicans— and you know that. For years and decades, Democrats have taken on the most radical and divisive positions in this democracy, and you can tell even for generations, “the President said.

“Almost every top Democrat in Congress is now promoting abortion funded by tax-payers all the way to the moment of birth,” he said.

“Sadly, the far-left is involved in eradicating our God-given rights, shutting down religious charities, banning clergy from public squares, and silencing Americans who believe in the sacredness of life,” the president said.

“People will join me because I’m fighting for you and we’re fighting for the voiceless, and we’ll win because we know how to win,” he said.

In the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, the right to life is guaranteed — and that is not an accident. All other freedoms are void without the right to life.

But Democrats have not accepted this responsibility for the most needy among us for far too long. President Trump continues to support their rights, and he will possibly, as long as the voters keep him in office.

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