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Trump Attorney Blasts Dems for using Founding Father Against Trump’s Quote ‘ Fully Out of Place ‘



Trump Attorney Blasts Dems for using Founding Father Against Trump's Quote ' Fully Out of Place '

Democrats who use Father Alexander Hamilton’s comments to counteract their attacks on President Donald Trump take Hamilton’s words out of context, according to one of Trump’s lawyers.

Member of the House of Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff of California and Chairman of the House of Justice Committee Jerry Nadler of New York used the words of Hamilton in the Trump Senate case.

“It wasn’t meant to be regular or strategically used in the power of impeachment, but it has been put in the Constitution for a cause,” quotes Alexander Hamiltonhttps:/ / WgILTa4g5B— BBC News (@BBCWorld) on January 22, 2020. — The President of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff, opened the Trump #ImpeachmentTrial.

“As a man who has no concepts of private life is hopelessly desperate, audacious in heart, has considerable skills, has the advantage of military habits— dispotic in his ordinary behavior — known to have privately scoffed at the principles of freedom— as such a person mounts a common hobby horse — to be active in the cries of danger to freedom— to use all opportunities of himself.

The quote was “unapplicable and totally out of place,” according to The Washington Post, Sekulow told reporters on Thursday.

Would you think Democrats lie down to take Trump out of office?

Democrats “used this famous quote about the prosecution from Alexander Hamilton,” Sekulow said, according to Fox News.

“It wasn’t the prosecution. Five years after the Constitution was adopted it was a letter addressing political disputes between Hamilton and Washington.” “So they’re not simply taking the wrong rule, but are taking the wrong quotations from the Founding Paths, “he said.

“It would be fitting if they quoted the correct laws and the language of the founding fathers,” said Sekulow.

RELATED: GOP Sen. Ready to Call Schiff, Whistleblower, Bidens To Testify in Case Senate Requires Witnesses But Adam Schift reveals that his acts are intended to cancel the votes of millions of American voters, because they don’t like to choose them. Alexander Hamilton warned of the impeachment armed political parties, and we got it here! https:/— On January 23, 2020 Democrats protected (and trampled on) the Constitution! Greg Murphy (@RepGregMurphy)

Our Founding Fathers were appalled: HAMILTON: called the “most risk” of the prosecution, “through a comparative intensity, rather than actual innocence or guilt demonstrations” — Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) January 22, 2020. We are in the midst of what Alexander Hamilton called “the highest threat”— the danger of political prosecution for our country.

This #ShamImpeachment is the true power misconduct.

— House Judiciary GOP(@JudiciaryGOP) January 23, 2020 The Republican Senator Mike Lee, of Utah, wrote in a Jan. 7 Op-Ed for Fox News:’ In Federalist 66, Alexander Hamilton claims that the divide between the House and its members and the Senate’s powers of suspension, of’ guardization against risk, because of the proliferation, of the false spirit.’

“The fact that our founding fathers saw fit to ward off this was a prescient and providence by putting a final opinion on prosecution and dismissal not in the hands of the House of Representatives, the Tribunal, any tribunal or even a jury, but in the Senate,” says Lee.

The]constitutional writers understood that the prosecution— for good or bad — is an intrinsic political act,” he said.

“James Wilson, one of the first magistrate judges of the nation and the leading architect of the Constitution, described the prosecution as” both political, political and misdemeanor crimes and political punishments.

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