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Trump on impeachment: ‘I want a trial ..Nothing’s out there’



Trump on impeachment: 'I want a trial ..Nothing's out there'

On Friday, US President Donald Trump said he wants a US Senate trial suggesting that he would be convicted.

“I want to have a trial,” Trump told Fox News Channel program Fox and Friends. “There is nothing there,” the president of the United States added, but he did not believe the House of Representatives would prosecute him.

“I think it’s very difficult for them to challenge you if they don’t have anything at all,” Trump said.

After two weeks of public hearings with 12 witnesses in the prosecution investigation, Trump’s comments come.

The House of Democrats is investigating whether Trump abused its authority by pushing Ukraine to investigate a political rival.

The questionnaire focuses on the 25 July call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during which the United States leader asks his counterpart to launch an investigation into the former United States vice-president Joe Biden and the Ukrainian gas company’s son, Hunter; Biden is also a presidential Democratic front-runner in 2020.

Testimonies revealed the government’s insistence that it was also Ukraine, not Russia, that intervened in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to inquire into a debunked conspiracy theory.

At the time of the July 25 call, the Trump administration rejected nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine which prompted Trump to use the money to conduct its investigations. The money finally came out.

There was no proof of the Bidens ‘ misconduct. Trump said he did nothing wrong with the “witch hunt” labeling of the investigation into the prosecution.

On Friday, Trump accused two witnesses of lying during the public hearings of the marathon.

The Republican President on Thursday objected to the testimony of David Holmes, an official US diplomat in Ukraine. Holmes said in oath at a restaurant in Kiev he overheard a cellphone conversation on 26 July during which Trump loudly pressure Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the European Union, to explain whether the President is looking for Ukraine to pursue politically motivated investigations.

“I guarantee you never happened,” said Trump and Friends to Fox.

“It was a complete falsification deal,” he said.

The rich Oregon hotelier donated $1 m to his inaugural committee after Trump named Sondland to the envoy post. While Sondland in the testimony described a easy-going relationship between the two of us, Trump said that he talked to him “several times” on Friday and added, “I hardly knew him, all right?” Sondland gives an opening statement as he witnessed before the Capitol Hill House Intelligence Committee[ Andrew Harnik / AP Photo] on Wednesday, saying that there was a “quid” testimony.

Williams and Vindman testify at House Intelligence Committee hearing on Trump impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill in Washington

“I am aware that the members of this committee often raised these complex issues with a single question: was there a quid pro quo?,” said Sondland to the House Intelligence Committee, “As I stated previously at the request of the White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes.”

He said that although Trump never told him to directly investigate the Bidens and the 2016 elections to Ukraine, the instructions of Giuliani “reflected the wishes of President Trump.’

One key question in the prosecution investigation was why Trump used his personal lawyer and not the normal government outlets for that purpose. During the hearings, officials and diplomats from the present and former White House, including Sondland, were alarmed about the actions of Giuliani, such as the attempt to persuade Ukraine to undertake two investigations which might harm Trump political opponents.

Trump called Ukraine corrupt and Giuliani said that he was the right person for the job.

“For two reasons it’s like an emblematic figure in this world, being the biggest mayor in the history of New York and probably the biggest fighter in criminal law in the last 50 years,” said Trump on Friday. In the past Giuliani served as mayor of the largest city in the United States and federal prosecutor.

“He’s a friend of mine, too. He’s a great person,” said Trump. “Then when you deal with a corrupt country–if you have Rudy Giuliani –he has a reputation for his credentials… When you hear that Rudy Giuliani is a corrupt country, I mean, it means a great deal.” Trump continues to push the debunked theory that the Ukrainian people may have hacked a Democratic National Committee in 2016, and framed Russia for crime, Trump repeated his assertion.

“They gave CrowdStrike the server, a company owned by a rich Ukrainian,” Trump said. “I still want that database. The FBI never got it. This is a great part of it all.” CrowdStrike’s possession of a rich Ukrainian is a variation of the frustrated hypothesis. Cofounder Dmitry Alperovitch is indeed a Russian-born U.S. citizen, who immigrated to the Institute of Technology as a child and graduated.

One day after Fiona Hill, a former Russia adviser on the White House Security Council, admonished Republicans to press unsuccessful conspiracy theories about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the President repeated his claim.

Fiona Hill, a former White House National Security Adviser, testifies in front of Capitol Hill House Intelligence Committee[ Andrew Harnik / AP Photo’ Based on questions and statements that I have received, some in this committee seem to suggest that Russia and its security services have not worked against our country, and that Ukraine maybe, for any reason?’ Hill testified b “This is a fictional narrative that the Russian security authorities themselves have perpetrated and propagated.”

The Democrat-led inquiry may pave the way for the House of Democrats to accept the articles of prosecution against Trump-formal charges.

This would lead to a trial of Trump’s conviction and removal from office in the Senate. Republicans control the Senate and have expressed no enthusiasm for the impeachment of Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated on Thursday that there is clear proof of Trump’s personal gain from his office. She said that it “undermined the United States ‘ national security.”

Yet Republicans concentrated on the fact that no witness specifically told Trump that providing military assistance to Ukraine was explicitly contingent on revealing his wished investigation.

“I haven’t seen evidence that the president has committed corruption or coercion,” Rep. Will Hurd said, a conservative Texas Republican who withdraws from Congress next year and is bellwether for any signs of Republican weakness in support of the president. Like some other Republicans, he made it clear that Trump’s actions are “inappropriate.”

Adam Schiff, the House’s Democrat Chairman Permanent Select Intelligence Committee, delivers his opening statement during the Chamber Permanent Select Intelligence Committee hearing on the Trump[ Shawn Thew / Reuters] Democratic investigation now confronts the prospect of an imprisonment vote divided into two parts. It represents public polling, which shows Americans split about whether Trump is charged and removed from office over his relations with Ukraine.

They must first decide whether to start drafting prosecution articles based on what has been revealed here, or to start a long-lasting testimony offering additional witnesses, who could provide more direct evidence of the actions of Trump.

There are still some officials who might fill some of the blanks. Democrats have asked for testimony of former White House Staff Chief Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton, men who spent hours with Trump on the western wing and whose names appeared time and again in the memories of other officials.

But Bolton and Mulvaney appear unlikely to tell their stories to Congress. While claiming executive privilege, both men have brought cases in court to decide whether or not they have to testify. Pelosi said Thursday she did not want to “be at the mercy of a court” in the next steps of the inquiry.

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