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Website Design Pricing: 4 Ways To Build A Site



When it comes to website design pricing, there are a few different aspects to be aware of before you make any decisions. For starters, there is more than one way to build a website, and each way has its pros and cons.

Use A Website Builder

The first way to build a website is with a builder. Website builders are becoming popular among small businesses because they are very cheap. These low costs come with major drawbacks though.

You have to do all the work with a website builder. Depending on your web design familiarity, you could be spending days, if not weeks, trying to learn how to build your own site. At the end of the process, you are left with an unprofessional, underperforming website that doesn’t leverage your brand. Of all the options, this one is the most detrimental to your business’s success.

Use Freelancers

The second option is a bit more expensive. It involves hiring multiple freelancers to build your website. We say multiple because very seldomly you will find someone who can build every aspect of your website.

The downfall to freelancers is that you have to hire multiple of them and that they are not all as good as they claim to be. Only if you are lucky will you find ones that can work well together and create a premium website for you.

Use An Agency

Agencies are the luxury option because they provide high-quality websites accompanied by high prices. They are made up of a team of experts that excel in each aspect of website making. The downfall to an agency though is that they are not really an option for smaller businesses because of their high prices.

Use Atavion

Your fourth option looks at the advantages of website builders and agencies and then puts them together into one neat option. Atavion offers premium websites at prices everyone can afford. They found a proprietary solution to building high-quality websites at low prices without compromising on performance.

Why does this company have its own category? Because no one else has done this. Atavion gives you a team of experts without taking all your money.

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More than a security tool – here are 3 other uses of a VPN service





A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that routes your internet traffic through a remote server, masking your actual IP address and ensuring your online activity remains private. And when we say private, we mean not even your internet service provider can see your IP or what you do online.

Even though VPNs are mostly utilized to protect sensitive data and prevent hackers from accessing your network, users have shortly found new things these private networks are capable of. We gathered a few of these examples below to prove that you don’t have to be an overly suspicious person to install a VPN.

To access your favorite websites when you are abroad

Going on vacation is all fun and games until you discover your Spotify app is not available in the country you are visiting. This means no more podcasts to listen to while at the beach and no more music to accompany you on your walks around town. This does not sound like the vacation you imagined, right?

Fortunately, a VPN can help you access Spotify from wherever you may be, even if the app is not available in that country. Simply connect to a server from your home country or a country where Spotify is available, reopen your app, and you should be able to access your library right away. This is true for other platforms such as Netflix and YouTube as well, which are known for geo-restricting their content.

To avoid slow internet connection speeds

No one likes it when YouTube is constantly buffering the moment you are trying to show your friends a funny video you found. This often happens because of bandwidth throttling, which is a method your internet service provider (ISP) uses to reduce bandwidth congestion and regulate traffic. It slows your connection speed and impacts how fast you can download or stream online content.

Because VPNs encrypt your IP and traffic usage, your ISP won’t be able to see and control it anymore. This means you will be able to use your internet at full power and never have to worry about bandwidth throttling.

To book cheaper flight tickets

It may sound unrealistic, but a VPN can be your greatest ally when trying to book a cheaper vacation. Booking websites are known for increasing flight and accommodation rates based on your search history, meaning you might be spending a lot more on a plane ticket to Italy if you’ve been researching this trip for a while. People have started using small tricks to bypass these price increments, such as clearing their browser cookies or using incognito mode. However, these methods are not always useful because prices can also vary based on the country you are booking them from.

By using a VPN, you can set up a different IP address and browse as if you were from a different region and search for good deals all over the globe. For example, a ticket for the same flight can cost more for someone booking it through a website in Spain than through a website in the U.K., so you can connect to a U.K. server with your VPN and secure a good deal, even if you are at your home in Spain.

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Serverspace Reviews: Dev Experts Reviews Details and pricing




With its cloud service, ServerSpace primarily focuses on developers, but it offers a high capacity, global public cloud service for anyone wishing to use it. Multiple items distinguish ServerSpace (where ultimate costs can be calculated by contacting the company). In architecture and pricing, the first thing is simplicity. The second is its smooth design on every level. It is also easy to use and to understand Serverspace and works very well.

The ServerSpace cloud includes a range of servers from Linux and Unix across 4 data centers. These servers provide you with a range of configuration options, from a virtual CPU up to 32, solid-state storage drive (SSD) and a service collection, most of which are free of charge.

Compared with bigger providers, including AWS or Google’s cloud infrastructure, ServerSpace approaches cloud services a little differently.

1- All About ServerSpace

The online cloud network rental service is perfect for the consistency and cost-effectiveness of the cloud services; VPS / VDS, SSL, free DNS, etc. The main hosting plans of these companies include unlimited storage and a free DNS. Your software enables virtual servers configured and deployed, network circuits configured, SSL certificates ordered, domain areas managed, and monitoring.

They also deliver one of the easy to think about cloud computing services, and can quickly deploy a virtual IT network in the largest data centers worldwide with just a couple of clicks. The automatic moving of the company’s IT infrastructure, business mails, C RM, accounting, etc., to a secure cloud, is another valuable feature of this serverspace that allows you to make your Internet presence more professional without losing your digital heritage.

2- Super Fast Load Time:

The Uptime is the statistics number one to see when a web host is selected.

After all, not every bell and whistle on the planet is a bean hill if your web site spends long periods of time offline.

Speed is in the next second.

For all purposes and purposes, bagging web pages may also be “under.” Higher sites are essentially useless. It will not shy away from your traffic. The reality is. You could cost almost three-quarters of the possible traffic on your site a difference of only a few seconds.

Looks insane? Sounds insane? Sadly, this isn’t.

Market research states that mobile site traffic can lose over 74 percent if websites can not be loaded within five seconds.

In comparison, lower load times have shown a more than 74 percent rise in traffic and sales conversions. We call it a sight-saw of 74%. You are gaining, and you’re losing when it leans in one direction.

So, for our friend Serverspace, what does this mean?

Good stuff. Good stuff. Good stuff, really.

Serverspace isn’t just easy … it’s the fastest product we’ve ever checked. Seriously, the other top hosting services we have tested in the dust are gone.

The average speed of the industry is 890ms.

Serverspace moved at an unbelievable speed of 218 m at its quickest. It was 496ms at its slowest point. Even with its lowest performance, it was almost 50% faster than the average industry.

3- Pricing:



Every Droplet costs $5 a month per CPU, so it’s easy to think about Serverspace prices. Things like apps and load balancers are complex to handle. But Serverspace is very straightforward for simple computer services. It is made easier because some basic services like firewalls are included in the price that you pay extra for elsewhere.

The extremely complex pricing system of cloud providers such as AWS, in which only a price figure needs an employee, is missing. Naturally, AWS has a great deal more options, so the pricing is more difficult. But Serverspace eliminates the mystery if you need simple computer services. At least here, there’s no surprise to your monthly cloud bill.

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