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ArcticNow is an English-language daily digital news media owned, published, and operated by the StackGiant Tech Pvt Ltd.


Creating an influential universe with the top service and a user-oriented program for conveying the hot happenings from various sectors with the utmost fluency and information. monitors news and events from several industries connected to technology and the developing decentralized sphere.

Its coverage ranges from regional happenings to global sensations, from breaking news to in-depth feature articles that explain and lead readers toward services and current updates.

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TimesIn Authors

Authors for TimesIn specialize in their respective genres and provide in-depth coverage of every industry’s most recent and popular events and news.

Authors must follow a strict set of guidelines before their content is published, as stated in the editorial policy that the parent firm has established for the authors.

  • The rules are user-centric. Thus, the readers are given the utmost attention.
  • The content also needs to adhere to editorial standards. Thus, breaking the rules will result in its rejection.

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ArcticNow Careers

The authors of ArcticNow and the support staff are an enthusiastic team that follows up with the current market trends and encourages our readers to do the same.

Join us on our voyage to provide a global audience with recent news and events. If you believe you can educate millions of readers with your work, Join Us!

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Last Updated: July 22, 2023