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Submit Guest post – Guidelines for ArcticNow

Note: Kindly read carefully to get approval for your guest post. We have rewritten the rules on 7/31/2019.

Want to contribute an article to one of the biggest News Network communities in the world?

ArcticNow Is the world’s most popular Distribution Network with 158 + bloggers and professional writers contributing one or more guest postings. But read these rules before sending an article to the ArcticNow guest to ensure the acceptance of your submission.

ArcticNow It is online in the “Latest News Updates, Health, Fitness, Sport and online marketing” niches, which has been one of the popular distribution networks since 2012. The aim is to help you meet a wider market, share your skills, and, perhaps most importantly, give the world something back.

How can you become an ArcticNow contributor?

To become a regular contributor at ArcticNow, Here are a few ideas to help you approve and post your article:

  • Check the homepage and the first few pages to see what kinds of posts we write and what kinds of articles people are most concerned about.
  • Write content focused solely on reader experience and value-adding.
  • You must be a writer or a true reader who has to write and post something.
  • Here are some of the groups from which I approve posts.

Please do remember to do a search on ArcticNow to avoid submitting already published ideas.

  1. Latest News, Celebrity News, Fitness Tips, Health Tips, and Finance.
  2. How to Guides (and how-to’s on using these).
  3. Making money online tips and ideas.
  4. “How-to’s” and listified articles.
  5.  Top 10, Top 20 Articles.

A few things to remember before submitting your guest post:

  • Article Quality: The papers would address the subject in depth and be at least 800 words. Unfinished knowledge is like half-cooked food; no one likes unfinished objects. In accepting guest posts, I take consistency as one of the main problems. Write a very original paper originally written for the ArcticNow audience in order to guarantee that your post is published.
  • Credit: ArcticNow value individual research and feel free to give them credit if the idea comes from someone else’s research. The same applies to the pictures you use on your message. If credit is required, please offer credit.
  • Screenshot + Video: Thousands of words are articulated through pictures. Add pictures, but do not add them just for their sake, to convey your message. Take a screenshot when you write tutorials. Using Flickr to search colorful and relevant photos when writing conversational topics.
  • You can send your video to the ArcticNow Youtube site if you are a video blogger. Only make a video, email me and I’m going to tell you how to upload videos.
  • Self-promotion: We accept real contributions and do not require any backlinks or anything like that. But by adding a post for ArcticNow you will have a chance to create a brand.
  • Copyright: We respect the work of all. If we find that you have copied an article from somewhere, you’ll be automatically barred and removed from ArcticNow all of your blog posts and profile. You also give us copyright ownership of the post when you submit a post to ArcticNow. This helps us to tackle all DMCA problems.
  • Comment: Comments are your published article conversations. Respond through your comments to any questions regarding your article. This will provide your readers with more attention and support.

Contribute your post to ArcticNow

Here you can apply an article if you have read and understood the above guidelines.

Note: All Articles published through this form will be No-Follow links and we will remove the articles if the articles or not good. 

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