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What is May-Thurner syndrome? Lauren Boebert’s diagnosis explained



What is May-Thurner syndrome? Lauren Boebert’s diagnosis explained

(NEXSTAR) – Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert went to the hospital this week when she observed “excessive swelling” in her leg. Medical doctors ran some assessments, and identified Boebert with Might-Thurner syndrome, her marketing campaign mentioned.

The little-known syndrome happens when the correct iliac artery, situated within the stomach, presses onto the left iliac vein, which is liable for blood movement between the left leg and coronary heart, explains Cleveland Clinic. That stress can interrupt blood movement to the legs.

If blood can’t get again to the center, it could begin to pool within the legs and create a blood clot, or deep vein thrombosis.

Boebert noticed indicators of an issue as a result of there was “extreme swelling in her higher left leg,” her marketing campaign mentioned.

The syndrome often impacts the left leg. Different signs embody heaviness, ache, pores and skin discoloration, swelling or sores on the left leg.

Whereas the identify of Might-Thurner syndrome isn’t generally identified, the issue isn’t precisely uncommon. A 2012 medical journal publication estimated 1 in 5 individuals expertise any such vein compression, however many should not identified. It could possibly go unnoticed except an individual experiences blood clots.

The syndrome is extra frequent in girls, and in adults between 20 and 50 years previous, Cleveland Clinic says.

Boebert, 37, was handled with a surgical procedure to take away the clot, her marketing campaign mentioned. A stent was additionally put in place to assist regular blood movement.

“After taking time to relaxation as beneficial by docs, she is predicted to make a full restoration with no vital issues for her long-term well being and no hindrance to her capacity to carry out her duties as a Congresswoman,” the marketing campaign assertion reads.

The far-right Congresswoman at present represents Colorado’s third district as she runs for the 4th district seat on the opposite facet of the state.

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