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Ric Flair Went Full Nature Boy And Got Into A Heated Argument With A Restaurant Manager After He Was Cut Off From The Bar



Ric Flair Went Full Nature Boy And Got Into A Heated Argument With A Restaurant Manager After He Was Cut Off From The Bar

To begin with, I can solely think about the kind of shit restaurant managers need to cope with in a given day, not to mention restaurant managers that work in Florida that has as a lot lunatics and fuck ups because it does sunshine. Nonetheless, regardless of how a lot nonsense you undergo, nothing can put together you for entering into an argument with the stylin’, profilin’, limousine driving, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun!

I imply how do you presumably win an argument who can riff like this?


Now look, I at all times defend individuals within the service trade and this supervisor isn’t any completely different since I think about telling any retired star wrestler who lives in Florida that they’re reduce off is like kicking a hornets nest then attempting to fuck it, not to mention somebody with the conflict tales of Ric Aptitude. 

However you gotta give Ric some credit score for turning again the clock and telling that woman he was going to present her a one thousand greenback tip simply to inform the man to kiss his ass. Pure Nature Boy uncut from the intestine with none script or rehearsals (I higher not hear that he welched on that tip both or else the whole Naitch persona is lifeless in my eyes).

It is also not daily a 75 yr previous is threatening somebody greater than half his age about how this argument goes to look on social media earlier than the youthful man says he would not have social media. Every thing in that alternate was a paradox, as was Aptitude saying he did not cuss on the supervisor earlier than saying he’d kick his ass, known as him a dipshit, and was attempting to make some form of pun with the phrase Pussy that merely did not land.

No matter what you consider Aptitude or the supervisor, I believe we are able to all agree that the most important loser was this mamaluke.


If you’ll problem somebody to a struggle, you gotta say along with your chest. As an alternative, Ric checked out this man like he was the Brooklyn Brawler demanding a shot on the championship belt earlier than he slunked away again into his marg on the rocks.

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